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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Word of the Day contest [WOD]    

Word of the Day contest [WOD]


Word of the Day contest [WOD]
Thanks a million redcamarocruiser for choosing my entry!
The new word is
I look forward to seeing your definitions!

17 May 2020      

United States

That´s easy --it´s a person who visits a mountain resort in the German alps to get active in the outdoors again and quickly realizes they have put on a bit of extra weight
flab--excess fat
Berg- German word for mountain
Gast-  German word for guest

18 May 2020     


A flabbergast is a ghost who is very cowardly.

19 May 2020     

United States

Flabbergast is a new weight loss product. It is a delicious smelling gas that comes in a canister, which you can attach to the refrigerator.  It sprays a nice scent into the air each time you mindlessly open the refrigerator to browse what there is to eat. When you have been sprayed with the scent, we say you have been flabbergast. Flabbergast comes in sweet and savoury flavours.  One good whiff is so filling that you  can skip having that snack you were browsing for in the refrigerator.

So, the choice is yours--flab or gassed?

19 May 2020     

maryse peyé

It is a rubber flag that swings fast in the wind.
 Afficher l’image source

20 May 2020     

United Kingdom

Well, Mary was almost right, it is a nice smell but it is in fact completely natural. A flabbergast is a fragrant, transcontinental wind that blows over to Europe from North Africa, bringing with it the scent of orange blossom and the smell of other fruit trees. 

20 May 2020     


Flabbergast; when someone is aghast at all the flab they have acquired while netflixing in iso

20 May 2020     

United Kingdom

I´m afraid it´s nothing to do with the aghastness we feel for the flab we have all undoubtedly gained. It is an English variant of a French word, Flaubertdegout, which means, we can´t stand Flaubert, he is a disgrace to us, the French people. For your information, Flaubert was a fairly successful French author, but he despised Napoleon and General De Gaulle, and called them bad names in public, which caused many French people to turn against him. The word became Flabberdegast and went out of fashion in France, because it is not a stylish word and French people became ambivalent about Napoleon and the good general. It was taken up in English universities, by students of French being forced to read Flaubert. After a lecture, students could be observed mumbling to each other, I am flabbergasted, can´t stand the fellow and anyway, I absolutely adore Napoleon. So, its most recent usage, flabbergasted means disgusted with Flaubert. Note well: They were young, they have grown up and the word is now obsolete. 
Edit: I wrote this after a bottle of Crémant.Big smile

20 May 2020