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Online summer camp


Online summer camp
Hello everyone! Our administration is asking us (the teachers) to organize a summer camp online... Could you please suggest any ideas as how to plan it? Which games/ activities could be possible to be applied? Maybe any teaching ideas?? Thank you in advance!!!

18 May 2020      

United Kingdom

Lots of quizzes, some videos of easy-to-understand TV series and films, drama workshops with a film shot with the students´ phones and the script written by the students with the help of the teacher. I use https://kahoot.com/schools-u/ for online quizzes. Loads of stuff on there that you can use. 

18 May 2020     

United Kingdom

I can confirm that kahoot is incredibly popular with students. 

18 May 2020     


maybe your students can watch cartoons and do online comprehension tasks https://english-portal.com.ua/tasks/Berenstain-Nothing_to_Do-1-1#topadv or online listening activities https://english-portal.com.ua/tasks/Listening#topadv

19 May 2020     


Thanks a lot!!!

19 May 2020     

United States

There is a site that offers online summer camps.  Maybe you could get some inspiration as to what topics lend themselves to onlline camps from there. 

19 May 2020     


Maybe you could include some sort of activity/competition with online jigsaw puzzles? Over the course of the camp you could increase the level of difficulty as most sites allow you to choose your level of difficulty from very easy to difficult.
There are plenty of sites, and some sites even even allow you to create online puzzles using your own images.
Also, check the museum sites in your country because some museums are making their own puzzles from their collection.  Several Australian museums have done this. Here is a BBC article about a UK gallery that did this. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-52173949    (and another article here

21 May 2020     

Russian Federation

in our school we are arranging an on-line camp too.   The cllasses will be 3 times a wekk, every class is going to last for 90 minutes.
 We have several ideas:
1. We divide the on-line group into two teams and they think of the name. logo and so on. Every day they are going to recive a task - to think of the riddels or to make a project forthe opponent team ( the topics are  - English speaking countries, holidays activities, hobbies).., And they will get points for sucessfully done activities.
2. We ( teachers) have to choose an on-line book - for reading and discussion.
3. We also prepare several on-line games on the wordwall.net for the youngers.
4.  We also make an on-line ppt hames such as " Who want to be a millionaire?"
5. And we make an interective map with several " stations" with one task for one day - it can be a grammar, lexical task and so on.
At the end the exercises on the  map should be  done. the prize is - some  interesting cartoon and pdf printable diplomas ( we will send them to the participants ´ emails).

23 May 2020