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Speaking activities


Speaking activities
Hello Everyone I would like to know how can I practice with my students speaking activities since we can not ask them to make pairs and practice interaction that is so important.Do you have any ideas? I really would like your suggestions.

21 May 2020      


I give them a theme and some instructions. They have to talk about that them for 1 or 2 minutes and record their answer as mp3  file.  You can use google classroom if you want to have a video with them.

22 May 2020     


http://iteslj.org/questions/ is a good place to get some ideas for topics and questions.
Some of the lists are better than others so have a look through them before you give them to your students and amend accordingly!

22 May 2020     


Thanks everyone very useful ideas

22 May 2020     

United Kingdom

I give them lists of word pairs that could be opposites or synonyms or even commonly misunderstood words such as false cognates. They then have to describe both words. 
For example
man     woman
to write     to draw   
to sing     to dance   
hot    cold
sport     hobby     
I have an endless set of these now. PM me if you want some. 

25 May 2020