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United Kingdom

Hello dears. No, I haven�t won the WOD, I was fourth runner-up or something, but anyway, here is your new WOD. I think this WOD competition is a bit of fun, but also very educational as we all learn a new word! Please remember, we don�t want the true definition, we want your daffynition and it can be silly, funny, serious, or plain nonsense! And your word is:

23 Jun 2020      

United Kingdom

Right then, this is a very common word, or was when I was a young schoolboy at the posh boarding school I went to. 
This is the practice of staying up at night and hiding in the wardrobe and reading a book by torch because the lights were turned out at 10 pm.  

23 Jun 2020     


Its pronounced "wor - dreddle" to rhyme with "pedal." 
Its a word from the 1920s. Conscientious objectors (people who refused to fight in the 1st World War) were often called cowards, or wardreadles - people who dread war. This pejorative term has thankfully dropped out of use.

23 Jun 2020     

maryse pey

Actually it is a mispelling of a non-speaking English.
It means : the riddle of the yard (in homage to Mother Goose). 

23 Jun 2020     


Its the dread a Kings ward has to read riddles in front of people... :/

23 Jun 2020     

United States

 Foster parents take care of wards.  Wardreadle is the term for wards who are especially difficult to place in foster homes, for like treaclewort, they are wild.

23 Jun 2020     

United States

We all know that a dreidel is a "little top that spins" (many learned the song as young children).
There is a game known as "Battling Tops" where two tops are shot into a small "arena" where they battle to see which  falls over first.
So the obvious conclusion is that a War Dreadle is a special "elite" top designed to battle in the arena--a spinning gladiator if you would.
Note: I got this picture from the internet and have no idea what the symbols on the dreidel below are--if they are something offensive please let me know so I can remove it.  Thx

What Is A Dreidel? | My Jewish Learning

25 Jun 2020     


Guys, guys, you obviously dont have dreadlocks. 
Dreadle is a well known German company that makes the finest tools to crochet dreadlocks - TRUE! You can read about Dreadle  here
So, wardreadle is your own wardrobe of dreadles -  single, double and triple crochet hooks - in a fine array of beautifully natural and environmentally friendly handcrafted handles. And even dreadle jewellery for your dreads. Create your own wardreadle today!

26 Jun 2020     


It is yet another contribution from the rich French language which the innovative English  combined with current and widely understood English words to coin a word that simply means, the riddles of war, i.e. those elements of war that can not be explained. There have been many a wardreadle meetings behind closed doors that never come to public light. There, now you know! :) 

27 Jun 2020     

United Kingdom

Well, well, well, I am having trouble deciding on a winner! All these definitions were brilliant  - and some were very plausible - especially considering that WARDREADLE  is a made-up word.  While searching for a new WOD, I googled EDWARD LEAR, that great purveyor of nonsense to get a good word. And, well, you can see what I did there! It is an anagram of his name. And so I am going for the philosophical daffynition - GURNOOR is the WINNER! 
Thank you for your daffynitions and where is LES???
Lynne x 

30 Jun 2020