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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Caption Competition    

Caption Competition


Thank you for brightening up My world.

30 Jun 2020     

maryse peyé

I´m singing in the tears... I´m unhappy again !
 Résultat d’images pour crying clipart

30 Jun 2020     


The eyes are the window to the soul, and these are the window cleaners.

30 Jun 2020     

United Kingdom

Thank you guys, and now apply the rose coloured paint. 

1 Jul 2020     

Nani Pappi

Hello everyone.
Thank you for your contribution. I had a great time beginning and following this thread.
When I was chosen by Jayho, I thought that choosing a picture would be a difficult task. Let me tell you, selecting a winner is much more difficult.
Some captions made me smile (and according to my personality I was tempted to select one of these).
Other captions had double meanings and were very instructive (again I was tempted to select also one of these).
However, one the captions captured my attention. It advises us to take care everyday, - to wipe our lenses in order to see a better world.
I choose aluaptavares´ caption.
I will now send a private message to this member.

3 Jul 2020     


I was surprised with the choice of my caption, thank you so much Nani Pappi.
Now, it´s my turn to post a picture and keep on rolling this amazing thread. 
 Imagine why did I choose this one?

4 Jul 2020     


WELL HONESTLY RON! If you are going to insist on being a sloth then perhaps it would be a good idea to turn you into one! And perhaps that Quiddich bat had better be book so that it might also receive some attention from you! No, don´t look at ME Ron, take a look at yourself and decide if this is what you want be stuck as for the rest of your life! said professor Minerva McGonagal to Ron Weasley when he turned up late for class the for the 11th time, looking like he had only just dropped out bed.

4 Jul 2020     

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