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ESL forum > Ask for help > lie or lay    

lie or lay


lie or lay
should we say lie on the beach or lay on the beach?

24 Nov 2020      


lay is the past form of lie. let me give you an example: You want to say that it happened last weekend. Then you write: I lay on the beach. If you want to say that sentence in the present, you would say: I lie on the beach. Oh an just for your information "lie" has two meanings: 1. you are in a horizontal position (you lie on the beach or in a bed). 2. you are not telling the truth. I hope I could help you :)

24 Nov 2020     


I think lie and lay are two of the most frustrating verbs in English.
lie (1) = not tell the truth (lie-lied-lied)
lie (2) = be in a horizontal position (lie-lay-lain)
lay (1) = place in a horizontal position (lay-laid-laid)
lay (2) = e.g. lay an egg (lay-laid-laid)
So in your example:
I often lie on the beach, (present)
I often lay my towel on the sand. (present)
Yesterday I lay on the beach. (simple past)
Yesterday I laid my towel on the sand. (simple past)
Have you ever lain on a beach? (present perfect)
Have you ever laid your towel on the sand? (present perfect) 

25 Nov 2020     


Great explanation!

25 Nov 2020