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Material needed

[email protected]
United Kingdom

Material needed
I have two  business adult learners - in their 50s and well-travelled - and they have been having weekly lessons with me for five years now.  The lessons are mainly conversation. They are B2 level.
We are just coming to the end of another text book and they both said they would like to do something different next. They are both really interested in travel in general, so I wondered if there is an English book that is something like a travel guide, or has texts about famous places etc, but is suitable as an ESLbook.I have looked, and found some school books for teenagers which I could use, but I would prefer an adult book if possible.
It is a bit of a tall order - does anyone know of such a book?

29 Nov 2020      


You could try "Eurydice´s street" 
It is a book about a family who moved to Greece
At B2 level it will be both a pleasure and a challenge to read ,plus they will learn about greek culture
and have fun.
Also at www.film-english.com
you can use loads of short films
Does it have to be a textbook? 

29 Nov 2020     


There´s a great book called "Traveling the world through idioms" Each unit deals with a specific city/country. And you can easily use youtube video to complement the material.

30 Nov 2020     

[email protected]
United Kingdom

Thank-you very much! They are really helpful suggestions!

1 Dec 2020     

maryse peyé

Just a warm up ! 

1 Dec 2020