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Client x Customer


Client x Customer

Good morning, dear colleagues!!!


I ´d like to know the difference between the words client and customer. One of my business students used the word “client” during a meeting, but he was corrected by his boss, that said: "They aren ´t our client, they ´re our customer." I’ve tried to find the answer on the internet, but it’s very vague…


Thanks in advance!!! Have a great Sunday!


XO, Daniela

15 Mar 2009      

Greek Professor

Hello danibauer,
I hope this is useful...
1.  somebody using professional service: a person or organization taking advice from a lawyer, accountant, or other professional person 

2.  customer: a person or organization to whom goods or services are provided and sold
3.  user of social service agency: somebody who uses the services of a social services agency 

4.  person or entity helped by another: a person or entity dependent on the protection or patronage of another person or entity
the former Soviet Union and its clients in the Middle East
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

15 Mar 2009     


Thank you, Greek Professor, for your prompt reply!

15 Mar 2009     


hi there

both are synonyms, but this is what I found:

a customer: a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron.

a client: a person or group that uses the professional advice or services of a lawyer, accountant, advertising agency, architect, etc. OR a person who is receiving the benefits, services, etc., of a social welfare agency, a government bureau, etc.

I underlined the key words , so there is a slight difference.,

hope that helps! :)

15 Mar 2009     


Thanks, tbabalis!!! It really helped me!

15 Mar 2009     


Thanks, danibaue,r for raising the question.
Thanks, tbabalis, for answering.
I ´ve learnt something new.

15 Mar 2009     


a customer = a person or an organization that buys something from a shop / store or business
: one of the shop’s best / biggest customers.

a client = a person who uses the services or advice of a professional person or organization:a lawyer with many famous clients.

15 Mar 2009     


Thanks, Ayzman!
I ´ve got great explanations from all of you!

15 Mar 2009