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Hello dear mates from around the world! I desperately need your help!!!

Is this text coherent and meaningful? Is there any mistakes? PLEASE WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY 


Hello, Mohamed.

Last time, you asked me about outstanding British writers. So, here’s one of them. His name is Charles Dickens.

  Charles Dickens is a British novelist, journalist and editor. He was born on February 07th, 1812, in       

  Portsmouth on the southern coast of England. He is considered as one of the most important and

 influential writers of the 19th century. He wrote such beloved classic novels as “Oliver twist”, “A    

 Christmas Carol”, “A Tale of Two Cities” and “Great Expectations”.   He wrote about the real world of  

 England and many of the people in his books were not rich, but poor and hungry. Dickens’s family lived in London and his father worked in an office. It was a good job, but he always spent a lot of money and often there was no money to buy food. There were eight children in the family, so life was hard. Charles went to school and his teachers thought he was very intelligent. But when Charles was only eleven, his father lost all his money and the family left their house. Charles got a job washing bottles. He worked ten hours a day and he earned six shillings (30 p) a week. Every night, he walked four miles back to his room. Charles hated it and never forgot it. He used it in many books, for example David Copperfield and Oliver Twist.

After suffering a stroke, Dickens passed away at age 58 on June 9th, 1870, at Gad’s Hill Place, England. So, how about you Mohamed? Do you have outstanding figures in Algeria? Let me know?           Kind regards, John.

22 Feb 2021      

United Kingdom

That looks fine to me, no mistakes. However, I would say ´south  coast´ rather than southern. And I would put: He is considered one of the most (no ´as´).That´s all!

23 Feb 2021     


thank you a lot Lunne

23 Feb 2021