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ESL forum > Ask for help > Ploblems downloading my own worksheets    

Ploblems downloading my own worksheets


Ploblems downloading my own worksheets
Hello everybody!
I would be very grateful if someone here can help me with the following issue I�ve been having lately. I have not been able to download my own worksheets and contributions; when I click on any of them, nothing happens.
I do not know how to solve this problem. Can anyone help me or tell me who I have to contact to solve this?
Thanks a lot in advance. 

25 Feb 2021      

United Kingdom

Look at the post a few down from yours. It says this:
1) A right-click on "Download this worksheet".
2) Open... (any of the three options) 
The download will start automatically. 
Answer from kohai 

25 Feb 2021     

United States

I am having the same difficulty.  Unfortunately, Kohais advice above doesnt work for me.  Perhaps because I have a Mac?
Zoe Morosini 

25 Feb 2021     


Im having the same problem! 

26 Feb 2021     


If more than one person is having issues, maybe it would be best to send an email to Victor!

26 Feb 2021     


Hello everybody,
What Kohai suggested works for me: I can download my worksheets.

26 Feb 2021     

Maria Barcelos

I have sent some documents but I cant download anything...Why ? Has anyone know, how does it work because i have done my contribution

28 Feb 2021     


You need to earn the point from your contribution. It will take a day to get 2 points / 1 contribution

1 Mar 2021     

United Kingdom

I am actually having problems UPLOADING my worksheets. No idea why. It has never happened before. Been trying for a week with two worksheets and they are just not accepted. Size and format are right but nothing. 

6 Mar 2021