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Hello everybody
I was wondering why I couldn´t see the previews to the worksheets I only see a weird little box and it is very time consuming to have to go one by one to choose a worksheet. What can I do? I would appreciate any help :) 

26 Feb 2021      


Hi, Imelda!
I agree, it is annoying. It happens to me as well when I search for a worksheet in a particular category. If I remember correctly, someone suggested using a different browser (Edge?) to solve the problem. I havenīt tried it out though.

27 Feb 2021     


I used to have the same problem but someone in this amazing web page told me to use mozila firefox, and now I can visualize each one I hope it will be useful
Best regards

27 Feb 2021     


I have that problem with Chrome, but only with PowerPoints. I have no problem with Firefox. For some reason, I canīt even logon to the site in Internet Explorer (the logon icon doesnīt seem to work for me).

2 Mar 2021     


Thank you all so much for your advise...I really need to see what I can do because it is so time consuming to click each worksheet to see what it is about...thank you all .
hugs from Mexico!!

6 Mar 2021