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Dear Eslprintable members
It is with sadness that I see so many wonderful worksheets and powerpoints made by colleagues from all around the world, with great quality and, which probably took so much time to be made.  Though, many of these ws or ppts have a considerable number of downloads, there are only two comments saying thanks to their work.... Even worse: sometimes not even a simple word!!!
Please, be grateful to those who upload their work here. Not only is the right thing to do but also because they make our lives way better and easier, don�t you think so?

27 Mar 2021      


Hi ascincoquinas! I fully agree with you. I remember when I started to share wss here, a great, great number of members sent you a thank-you note after downloading your contributions. But that’s not the case these days. It is sad but I can see fewer and fewer of these notes when, in fact, it takes no time to be kind and grateful to the others that generously give us their work. I was always taught that gratitude is a sign of noble souls. Olga

28 Mar 2021     


However, saying thank you doesn´t cost anything and like a smile it embellishes life for the one who receives it

28 Mar 2021     


I am really sorry to hear that. you are right, I won´t do that again. Thaks a lot.

28 Mar 2021     


@Hi Fulkrun
I wasn´t referring to my ws or ppts.Mine are quite simple.
I just brought up the topic cause I have been a member of this site , I believe since 2009 or 2010, and things back then were slightly different... 
I have my favourite authors here, and their work is absolutely wonderful. I wish that people could drop a word and say: thanks.

28 Mar 2021     

a isabel

I know what you mean and fully agree with you.
I have already written some sentences saying that I wouldn´t expect that attitude from teachers... 
I believe that many of these so hardworking colleagues feel disappointed by this community´s members.
I also hope that your text "being grateful" contributes to change what inf fact has been happening so often!

28 Mar 2021     


Our consumer society. Take and swallow. No matter where it comes from, or how it is produced. Take it for granted. The sky will continue pouring down useful stuff. Thank you Victor for creating this fantastic site. For keeping it alive. For reanimating it. It changed my teacher´s life. And not only my teacher´s life. I made friends from all over the world. And not only virtual. REAL THANK YOU.

29 Mar 2021     


When I like a worksheet, even if I don´t download it, ( and nowadays I download only quite advanced stuff), I very often write a PM to the member telling him or her why I liked it, what I found interesting. That way I got to know better some of the members. Of course, I like thank you messages, but I like comments even better so that I can see what works and what I could do better.

29 Mar 2021     

Russian Federation

Dear Ascincoquinas, I completely agree with you! I think it is good to say: "Thank you!", "Thanks a lot!".

29 Mar 2021     


I absolutely  agree with you - efforts need to be appreciated!

29 Mar 2021     

United Kingdom

I have to say, a little message of thanks brightens my day, no end. I nearly always repay in kind when I download. It´s the polite thing to do.

29 Mar 2021     

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