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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WOD Week 29, 2021    

WOD Week 29, 2021

United States

WOD Week 29, 2021
And now, the next WORD of the DAY (week) for you to ponder and pick apart to make a fun "daffynition" from:
Have fun, I am interested to see what you come up with.

20 Jul 2021      

United States

Endogamous is an adjective describing end-of-life activities, which can be pursued in a gaming lifestyle to make the final days of the senior population as pleasant and carefree as possible. Today they are organizing an endogamous hike in the virtual reality lab at the hospitalïŋ―s senior center.

20 Jul 2021     

United Kingdom

Mary is almost right, except it is for old dogs. ENDOGAMOUS is an activity planned to cheer up a dying sheepdog just before the "trip to the barn." 

20 Jul 2021     

maryse peyé

Oh itīs clearly an Explanation of the Natural Details Ordinarily anf Generally Admitted about the Mice as fAMOUS as Speedy Gonzales or Jerry in famous cartoons !
 Afficher l’image source Afficher l’image sourceAfficher l’image source

20 Jul 2021     


Endogamous is an adjective describing  people who donīt finish video games. According to Industry experts  a new game is usually completed by 10 to 20 percent of its players.  Endogamous people donīt finish video games due to lack of time, patience or skills to complete tough games.

20 Jul 2021     

United Kingdom

It is indeed an adjective. It describes people who urge others to get a dog - the verb is to endog. Amous means loving. These people go round endogging. I myself am encatamous. It is my mission to encat all my neighbours but some of them are dogamous and resistant to cats. Itīs unbelievable, I know. 

21 Jul 2021     


Itīs the plural of "endogamou", pronounced "En-doh-GAH-moo"
The endogamous are fearsome warriors from the tribe which lives in the muddy delta at the end of the famous Doga river. 

22 Jul 2021     


Ah! This is the spell cast by the referee to "end a game"  somewhat forcibly, in the magical world of Harry Potter. The referee flicks their wand twice, then swishes it  in an upward motion and enunciates very clearly... ENDOGAMOUS!
All players are suspended in mid-air or mid-action or whatever and the referee gains control of the game. Easy-peasy!

24 Jul 2021     

United States

And the winner is Gurnoor!
Your definition actually animated me, it had me waving my arm as if I was was waving a wand--extra points for getting me active lol.
The true meaning of endogamous is:


1. Anthropology The custom of marrying within a particular social or cultural group in accordance with custom or law.
2. Biology Reproduction by the fusion of gametes of similar ancestry, as in self-pollination or inbreeding.

en·dog′a·mous adj.

26 Jul 2021