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A problem with a site


A problem with a site
Hi again! I have just come across the website https://www.gevshop.com/?category_id=2435077which is full of materials from this site. I am not sure how it is possible to report something like this?

12 Jul 2022      


Hello Darija,
Your link leads to a shop that sells sneakers and streetwear. Why should it be reported?

12 Jul 2022     


It is strange. When I type in Google - desserts vocabulary and click on images I get their website in the listing and when I click it it is full of images from this website. I do not see sneakers.

Here is the screenshot of what I can see: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WnojQfb6dnPpjLKaTrB54irvDVrUsvwQ/view?usp=sharing

12 Jul 2022     


And here is what I can see:

12 Jul 2022     


I see the same as kohai, no worksheets at all.

12 Jul 2022     

United States

I too get a screen full of sneakers, but this does NOT mean this post is spam.
Dackala has blessed this site with many many lovely worksheets and was just trying to let us know of something she saw (which apparently has changed). With her long relationship with this site, I really donīt think she would try to spam it.  I would feel bad if she got pegged for posting spam, when that was obviously NOT her intention.
Fly by night web businesses often switch their content regularly to stay away from getting caught. I truly believe that at sometime this  site had worksheets.
My thoughts,

18 Jul 2022     

L. habach

We have known Dackala for many years. She would NEVER spam this website.

26 Jul 2022