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Au secours

United Kingdom

Au secours
Hello any French colleagues. Everywhere in Italy and maybe in France too, you find little shrines dedicated to Saint Mary or other saints. I looked that word shrine up and got tombeau or sanctuaire. Is there any other word for what I mean? Merci en avance. Lynne 

15 Nov 2022      

United States

Hi, Lynne,
I looked it up online and also found
le lieu de pelennage (lacking an accent on the first e)
le lieu saint 
Maybe this helps

15 Nov 2022     


HI dearest Lynne
What about this :
Châsse : Coffre où sont conservées les reliques d´un saint. Synonyme : coffre, boîte, reliquaire ·

15 Nov 2022     


Hello from France,
it´s a Stèle in French and Stele in English ;)
I hope it helps
Enjoy your teaching,

16 Nov 2022     

maryse peyé

I think you are talking about the "places" you find along some roads ?
"Lieu de pèlerinage", one of Bruce´s suggestions, is more a place like Compostelle for example, or a specific church or cathedral where you want to go or let an "ex-voto" (a message to thank God or a particular Saint) ; a lot of sailors did that in the past when they came back alive from a hazardous sailing.
You may think of "niche votive", small places where prayers can let some flowers, a candle to give strength to their pray.
If ever you like Fernandel and Gino Cervi in the funny series "Don Camillo" you can see, in 1 film, an argument about a very small rock where there is a small statue of the Virgin to preserve.
And if it is what I think of you find a lot of these things in Corsica. 

16 Nov 2022     

United Kingdom

Thank you dear friends. Very helpful. I am enjoying my French conversation groups so much. 

16 Nov 2022     


I was going to suggest niche votive too.
There are also lots of calvaires, especially near where we go on holiday in Brittany: these are roadside crosses. 

18 Nov 2022     

United Kingdom

Thank you. I am making a short presentation to my French group on Tuesday and these posts have been very helpful. 

19 Nov 2022