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Please Help me

miss noor

Please Help me
I hope you are o ´k
Please tell me what do you know about  this expression :
How do you do ?
When is it used ?   With who ?
Tell me please
I searched about it but I didn ´t find anything.

17 Mar 2009      

alien boy

Hi Noor!

from Swan:

When people are introduced, they usually say ´How do you do?´ (formal), ´Hello´, or ´Hi´ (informal). Americans often say ´How are you?´ Note that ´How do you do?´ is not a question, and the normal reply is ´How do you do?´ (It does not mean the same, in British English, as ´How are you?´) Another possible response is ´Glad/ Pleased to meet you.´


17 Mar 2009     


Hi, How do you do! you normally used in a formal way. and the answer is the some. The difference is: How are you! is the informal way, and the other is the formal. That´s it.

17 Mar 2009     


Very British and not used much.

17 Mar 2009     

miss noor

Thanks for ur replyng
I have to learn this expression to my students it is in their book
so, I want more information about it

17 Mar 2009     


We normally use ´how do you do ´ when we meet someone  for the first time.  It is more formal. I would agree with Alien Boy.  We are not asking a question, we are just saying pleased to meet you. When we meet the person for a second time we would normally say ´how are you ´?

17 Mar 2009     


"How do you do?" is a formal greeting used only when you meet somebody for the first time -generally in formal introductions- and the reply should be the same: How do you do?, meaning something like "Pleased to meet you"
Although it is a question, there is no answer expected.

Anyway, it is not so frequently heard at present being replaced by "Nice/Pleased to meet you"

17 Mar 2009