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Concerning download
Hi everyone! It´s been a long while since I registered for this site. I´d like to know if the system for getting points continues to be the same. In addition to that question: Do I lose 1 point for each download I make? (As it used to be) I uploaded a WS today and while doing that I read quickly a message that left me wondering whether it might have happened some change in the rules and I have not been informed of. Hope you all have a nice Monday. Regards, Carina

1 Apr 2024      

Little Miss Lady

Hi!1 I�ve been disconnected from this page too and interested to know about this. 
And is there any way to check the downloads you have already done? Is there any place to click and check so we don�t have to download them again?? 

2 Apr 2024     


@carinita Yes, the point system is the same - you get 1 point whenever someone downloads your work and you spend 1 point every time you download sth from the site (except for New Contributions where you have 30 free downloads).

@Little Miss Lady When you download, leave a comment - so next time you will know you have already downloaded a particular worksheet or ppt. Also, save the files on your computer under the original file name and add the author, e.g., "PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE/movie-like happening situations (part1) by guorkhan".

14 Apr 2024