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Downloading ourown worksheets


Downloading ourown worksheets
Hi, everyone!

I�ve been trying to download some of my own worksheets (as I don�t currently have them on my computer) and it�s impossible. Can anybody help?
Thank you so much in advance!


19 Jun 2024      

United States

I just did it myself and it worked fine for me.
Go to "my printables" near your log-in info on the upper left)and then select the worksheet you want and there is a download option in the upper field. Not sure why it doesnt�t work for you, are you logged in?

20 Jun 2024     


Hi Abtano (laura) I�m from Argentina and I have not been able to download my own worksheet either. I have contacted the administrator (when Victor was around) and I never got a solution. I contacted the new administrators...I�m still wating...
Whoever the administrator/s is/are., they don�t answer to our requests.
If yoy wish contact me by email and I can download your worksheets and send them to you.

27 Jun 2024     

United States

Ensure your internet connection is stable. Try using a different browser or clearing cache and cookies. Verify file compatibility with your device. If issues persist, contact the website�s support team for assistance with specific download problems. basketball stars

27 Jun 2024     


Thank you for your suggestions bandgift!! ...I have done everything you say...and there is no way to download my own contributions...My laptop was stolen a few years ago and I lost everything...Regards

28 Jun 2024     


Right-click on "Download this worksheet" and then choose "Save link as" - the download process will start automatically.
Or use MS Edge. 

28 Jun 2024