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ESL forum > Ask for help > please i need games !!!    

please i need games !!!


please i need games !!!
Clap please dear friends i need to know about a game called "FRUIT SALAD" I don ´t know exactly how to play it ...can you please be so kind to send me the instruccions? And I need to know about other games , really funny e interesting for primary and secondary level.Thank you so much.....

20 Mar 2009      

United States

I played this game once with a class and it was a lot of fun!
Fruit Salad

This is a game of elimination. Students sit in a circle on chairs. Each student is given one of four fruit names (apples, oranges, pears, bananas). The teacher calls out one of the fruits, and those students must change places in the circle. The last student to sit down is out, and his/her chair is taken away. The teacher may also call ‘fruit salad’, which means all students must stand up and change places with another student opposite them. The last one to sit down is eliminated. The game ends when there is only one student left.

Good luck!  ~~Brooke


20 Mar 2009     



20 Mar 2009     


Try "Mr. Wolf": a game in which students count their steps towards ´Mr. Wolf ´, then run back to their home.  For a clearer instruction, check this link:

I also use this game for spelling, by changing the question "What ´s the time, Mr. Wolf?" into "What ´s the word, Mr. Wolf?". This way, students have to spell the words Mr. Wolf said, instead of counting.

20 Mar 2009     


I play fruit salad without elimination, because those students who are eliminated get bored. In my version there is one kid in the middle of the circle without a chair and when the others change places (the way said before) this kid tries to get a chair as well. The one without a chair could be the one who shouts out "apples" or "oranges" or "fruit salad". 

20 Mar 2009     


I agree with piretraig. Once you eliminate the students, they do get bored, but also they do not get any more practice! Very often students who make a mistake are eliminated while those more apt stay in the game. I think it should be vice versa because the eliminated student needs more practice. Instead of eliminating, I give letters to the students who make a mistake, like O-U-T. After third time, the game stops.
Also, with the fruit salad, the children can all hold different cards. The teacher can call out the words of the objects in the pictures, or he/she can make it more difficult by saying: "It ´s yellow. It ´s red," so the students holding a banana and an apple change seats. Or, "Yesterday, i played there. Yesterday, i watched it," so students with the FCs of a park and TV change seats.

20 Mar 2009     

New Zealand

This site has some great fun games that are simple to play and successful!


20 Mar 2009     


Im really upset cause since a short time Im not getting any points from my worksheets ....I need an explanation.....

20 Mar 2009     


thanks to my creative teachers in other words thanks to you a lot.Your ideas are really nice.
I think we can share ideas any day you want.
Love kisses and hugs Smile

20 Mar 2009