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Project Need

Baby V

Project Need
Dear colleagues from eslprintables,
I need some help concerning projects. It ┤s a requirement fo my teen course to have, as part of the evaluation, a project, but I ┤m running out of ideas right now. Can anybody help me telling me or suggesting any project dealing with food?
Thanks so much in advance
Baby V

23 Mar 2009      


Hi there.
dunno, maybe, just maybe, they can make as project a menu from a restaurant, in which they have to arrange the vocabulary, sorting the different dishes according to their categories: Soups, salads, sandwiches & burguers, drinks and desserts.
You tell them to put everything sorted on lists, then to make a brief description of the dish, to finally add the price. They can also put some images, but not so many, because they ┤ll have to use a lot of space, just add something.
I dunno, just thought about that in this right moment. Hope yout find it helpful.

23 Mar 2009     


Hi, what about making some comparisons. I love to include some culture in the projects. My students once they chose two or three countries and they presented some dishes. Even some of them prepared and had some food for the rest of the classmates.

23 Mar 2009     

alien boy

Well, you could also look at customs related to food. For example, I ┤m in Japan. When you eat noodles here you should slurp them. If you don ┤t, whoever made the noodles will believe you aren ┤t enjoying them & will be insulted. Where I grew up it is considered very rude to slurp noodles. I ┤m used to eating curry with a fork. Traditionally in places like India they use their right hand (no cutlery). There are many different food customs around the world!

Another idea - get a list of various ┤National Days ┤ & create a cook book - one dish from each country. Does your home town/state/province have a ┤sister city ┤ somewhere else in the world? Maybe you could do a short cook book related to their food?

If I think of anything else, I ┤ll add it to the discussion.


p.s. Oh, you could also look at ┤strange food┤ from around the world. In Australia you can eat ┤witchetty grubs┤; in Japan raw poisonous blow fish; in parts of Africa, cow bile is an important ingredient; & I┤ve read that in South America there are places where guinea pig is eaten (this would seem strange to many Anglos & Japanese!). In Cambodia you can get delectable ┬┤rat on a stick┬┤. It was only recently discovered that these rats were a different species to those found elsewhere... they┤re tastier!

I think Australia may be the only country in the world where you can eat the animals on their coat of arms - the kangaroo & the emu!

23 Mar 2009     


Here ┤s an idea given by Rob Dean at a Longman seminar i went to the other day.
Have you heard of a show, Ready, Steady, Cook! where two teams compete against each other and cook within 20 mins? Let the students pick different food items/ingredients from a box (say 5 of them) and let them make up a recipe with those ingredients. The others decide whether they would eat it or not ... Smile Of course, if they ┤re not familiar with the vocabulary like mix, stir, slice, chop, etc. make sure you provide them with the list.
Bon apetit! :)

23 Mar 2009     


Why don┤t you try with a potato, and look for all the ways to cook it around the world. 

23 Mar 2009