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ESL forum > Ask for help > Nasty comments from teachers for REPORTING STOLEN WORKSHEET!!!!    

Nasty comments from teachers for REPORTING STOLEN WORKSHEET!!!!


Nasty comments from teachers for REPORTING STOLEN WORKSHEET!!!!
Dear All,

I feel very upset for reporting few Stolen Worksheets.... I didn īt know the background could be copied and reused. I apologize for that. But for 1 worksheet I had given the weblink as well which was overlooked by all the teacher īs passing Nasty remarks.

I thought we must Report any type of misuse........


25 Mar 2009      


Thanks to Victor for removing the Worksheet......

http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=201508#thetop (copied)

http://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/esl/eslsubverb.html   (Orignal)

25 Mar 2009     

Costa Rica

 I totally agree with you, I sent a ws and the next day someone sent another one using my ws, I said it was stolen and another teacher said: dear you should apologize!!!! Go figure!!! and I am supposed to  be saying I am sorry. No way Jose!!! I don īt think so!!!

25 Mar 2009     


Can we do that?? I mean can I use another worksheet as a template for a new one???
In my opinion it īs not fair to use another member īs worksheet to make my own. It takes a lot of time and implies a lot of hard work to design a printable so I see that is unfair to take it and prepare mine. One day I saw one person asking to use a worksheet pictures to do a new one. She got several answers suggesting her to  search them on the web. The reason??? It took the original author a considerable time to get them so the new user had to do the same. What about the worksheet template???
Why not having the pleasure of creating something original?? At least that person should ask for permission to do so.

25 Mar 2009     

United States

My view is:  get permission from the original "creator" first and let us know in the description that you did.

25 Mar 2009     


Thanks to you all..... for reassuring me.....

26 Mar 2009