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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Is it okay to use someone elses template and change the content? I don t want to offend anyone    

Is it okay to use someone elses template and change the content? I don t want to offend anyone


Is it okay to use someone elses template and change the content? I don t want to offend anyone
I would like to use a template that has been created by someone else and then put my own information/ activity on it, but I am unsure as to whether this would be considered stolen. 

14 Apr 2009      


By definition a template is something which gives an outline for users to put in their own iformation.  If anyone has uploaded a template I would assume it has been uploaded for that very purpose and so there should not be a problem using it.
If you are copying someone else s design, this may be a different story.  I recall not too long ago a member being upset that someone had copied their table and presentation but had put in their own material.  There was much correspondence on the ethics of this.
My opinion on this (which is not shared by all) is that copying of material is illegal, but adapting and putting your own material into a design is not.  However, out of politeness I think you should inform the originator of the design and thank them for their work and state what you intend to do with it.
But in principle, to answer your question I think YES go ahead use the template with impunity.

14 Apr 2009     


I have sent a private message. Does template include using some of the graphics or not?

14 Apr 2009     


Dear Hazza,

I guess that when you refer to template you are talking about about the other person design of the layout. if that is the case, I would suggest talking to that person and asking for permission because I have seen on the forum some people who were very upset because  some people took their worksheets and changed the content but not the design.
I think that preparing a worksheet is time consuming and sometimes designing the layout is even more hard. So, the original author may be right to reject the use of their wss as templates.
Why not doing one on your own?? It s a pleasure to see what we have been able to do after some hard work!!! 

14 Apr 2009     


I used my own. Not one to upset anyone. I like everything and everyone to be happy. There are too many sad things in the world already. One day   i may have more free time and I will learn more about formatting on the computer.

14 Apr 2009     

Mar (itxasobcn)

I totally agree with you, damielle. I ve seen plenty of worksheets lately that are clearly a copy of other people s styles. Some teachers have a very orignal and unique style and others just copy it. I don t think it s fair to those who have spent hours and days to find his/her own personal styles.
As damielle says, why not find your own personal style?

14 Apr 2009     


Not to go against the grain but I think that using someone s template (with his or her permission) is not unfair. I think it show how much you liked someone s idea.  Just as long as you don t produce it as your own I think using someone s ideas is natural. I try to create my own original worksheets and work but sometimes if I come across some great work I ll use it or change it to fit my needs. It s not copying. Even the greatest artists were influenced by each other. 

14 Apr 2009