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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Old wss with 0 downloads    

Old wss with 0 downloads


Old wss with 0 downloads

The rules of this site say that "If nobody downloads your worksheets in a whole month, they will be automatically deleted". But there are loads of old contributions with 0 downloads. Should they be reported? What do you think? Ermm

BTW, I think that this spring cleaning is really healthy for the site. Thank you, Victor.

14 Apr 2009      


I agree.

14 Apr 2009     

Little Miss Lady

Hello! I think that we should all try and contribute some way. If we see that our Ws are not downloaded, why wait for someone else to report it? We could be responsible enough and delete them ourselves and that way save someone else to do it? Isn īt that a good idea?

14 Apr 2009     


I think it īs an excellent idea Seema

15 Apr 2009     

United States

I do agree that things with 0 downloads have to go.  I īve personally taken down lots of my old stuff with as many as 20 downloads, just because I couldn īt stand to look at it anymore, now that I īve learned how to make my worksheets better!  I usually spruce it up, add more pix or exercises, re-upload it and get lots more points for it anyway.  Well worth the extra time.

15 Apr 2009     


Thanks for the tips. I think I will do the same.

15 Apr 2009