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Shared Worksheets


Shared Worksheets
Hi Everyone!
On a lighter note...
Something Frenchfrog said to me got me thinking...
I īd like to share the results of some ws I īve used that I got off the forum.
We have our Easter this weekend in Greece, so last week I did Zora īs Easter Glyph
with my YLs and took a photo of them to show Linda (Zora) & all of you the results of that ws.  I think it īs nice for the authors to know how useful there ws have been.  Thanx Linda!!!
We had a lot of fun doing it!!!
Tomorrow I īd like to show you the creative work that one of Mena īs ws generated!!
I īd love to see some other teachers ī work as well!
At last the sun has come out!!!
Kisses from Greece,
P.S.  This was the same group that I made Pika īs carrot cake with!!!

15 Apr 2009      


What a nice idea to share the result of workeheets. Very nice.

15 Apr 2009     


Fantastic.  It looks like everyone had a great time, including yourself.  This goes to show what imaginative teachers we have within this community and what a little bit of sharing will produce.

15 Apr 2009     


Great job Alex !!!
It is WONDERFUL to see the results;-)
Fantastic !! (FUN-tastic!!)

15 Apr 2009     


Wonderful activity - looks like everyone had fun :  )

15 Apr 2009     


Thank you Alex! I may have made the worksheet but you took the worksheet and made it into something your kids enjoyed doing in class!! Kudos to you! Hug 

15 Apr 2009     


Wow!!Your students look sooooooooooooo enthusiastic about it !!! I liked the idea of sharing not only our worksheets, but also the results.
Keep it up!!!!

15 Apr 2009     


Thanks for sharing this with us! I love when you show the results of your hard work...I remember that someone posted the shoe box house and I can īt wait to make it with my students.
If you share your great results, I īm encouraged and inspired!!

Lovely students!!

15 Apr 2009     


Lovely picture!!
They seem to have enjoyed the activity a lot!!!

15 Apr 2009     


Big smile  Wow dear Alex!! I īm impressed again! Both by Zora īs worksheet and what you did of it!
However, and I īm 100% sure Linda agrees with me on that, You, teacher Alex, deserve the credit here, because no matter how good a resource is, if it falls in the wrong hands, such a beautiful final task, as the one you are now showing us, would never come true! Congratulations to you and, of course, to your lovely YLs. I īm really glad you took a picture of them. They īre sooo cute and they seem to be having a lot of fun!!
Keep up the good work, my dear Alex. I hope more teachers will follow your example!

15 Apr 2009