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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > What do you think? Am I right?    

What do you think? Am I right?


What do you think? Am I right?

First I would like to thank the creator of this web-site for a wonderful site, where people from all over the world with the same interest (English) can get together, change ideas, worksheets, lesson plans, thoughts  etc, taking no notice as for the political situation between different countries and I found it amazing!

I want to thank all the wonderful teachers that make this site magnificent as it is.
Ok.. I wish to know if there are other teachers that feel the same way I do.
Sometimes when I look at worksheets I like, I notice that the instructions are in the writer īs native languge. Meaning some instructions I came across are written in Portuguese/French/Spanish.
Is it only me? Or do you think the ESL worksheets should be written in English, so that everyone can understand them?
Don īt get me wrong - I do understand what should be done when I look at the exercise, but then I need to change the instructions and the title/labels.
I didn īt mean to offend anyone... It is only my thoughts....
Again - Thanks for a wonderful site.. I like being part of it!:)



16 Apr 2009      


Hi Roneet,
Well, it is true the instructions given are more useful if they are written in English, since it is the universal language used on this site by all of us.
Nevertheless, Im sure the worksheets you came across which were written in their native languages were just a very small sample among the thousands and thousands of worksheets on the site.
You could send a PM to the contributor whose worksheet you want to use, asking them to send you the instructions in English. Im sure they won īt mind to do it.
Miss Melissa. Hug

16 Apr 2009     


The other day I wrote an entry to the forum commenting on the fact that some worksheets have translation exercises and that these are valid ESL resources for that particular language group.
But I also totally agree with your suggestion that the introductions and particularly the explanations and solutions should be in English.  The idea of the site is to share with everybody and whilst some portions of a worksheet may be directed at a particular language group, there are other parts of it that others may use.
So please, introduction, title, instructions and solutions should be provided in English.  A very good suggestion

16 Apr 2009     


Thanks for replying guys.
I believe that ALL worksheets on this site should be written in English!
I agree with Logos that introduction, title, instructions and solutions should be in English.
Thanks everyone

16 Apr 2009     

United States

Under the menu -Send us a printable, are some of the requirements stated by Victor.
One says:
We only accept ESL resources written in English language.

So that must be the answer to your question.


16 Apr 2009     



That means members of this site should remember the requirements!!

16 Apr 2009