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Shared Worksheets


Shared Worksheets
Hi everyone!
It s a beautiful sunny day in Thessaloniki...
I thought I d share another fun activity that I did with my Ss (this time 14/15 year olds) a group made up mainly of rowdy boys who are double my size!!!
I did Mena s wonderful worksheets on Graffiti
These ws generated a lot of discussion and interest!
We did the reading Comprehension...and I learnt a lot of things about Graffiti!
The Ss also wrote a composition based on the topic.
And to wrap up, my Ss made their own graffiti posters for my classroom.  I gave them a couple of lessons to make their posters.
I took a photo...please bear in mind that my Ss aren t graffiti writers!
Unfortunately I don t have a photo of the kids... and I won t see them for another 2weeks & I didn t want to wait that long to post thisSmile
I d like to extend a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Mena for providing us with these inspiring ws!!!    We had great fun!!!  Guess which poster was made by the girlsWink
Hugs from Greece,

16 Apr 2009      


Thank you sooo much my dear Alex, but once again I must say a worksheet is nothing without an excellent,  dynamic teacher like you to make the dream come true!!
I must congratulate you and your students for the awesome final task you did in class. English can be so much fun!! And girls are always soooo sweet!
Once again thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work with us.

16 Apr 2009     


I just LOVE seeing these posts!
Finally the bickering tzunami has subsided and given way for a light heart-warming breeze of ... this! Thank you, Alex and Mena!

16 Apr 2009     


Absolutely wonderful Alex! You do amazing work with your students. I wish you had been my teacher when I was going to school!!!! Big smile

16 Apr 2009     


Great teachers like you Alex and Mena teach from their hearts!... and there ARE wonderful results! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Congrats to both of you!

16 Apr 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Yes, Gabitza is right, Congratulations to both of you for your excellent work. The world needs more teachers like you.

16 Apr 2009     


Wonderful work Alex !!!

It is so great that we get to see the results - heart warming co-oparation !!!

and Mena - you already know I am your biggest fan. Your worksheets star in my lessons ;-)

Thank you ;-)


16 Apr 2009     


Thanks for sharing thoses fantastic posters. Your students have talent, probably inspired by the excellent teacher you are.Thumbs Up
Hugs from Brazil !!

16 Apr 2009     


Thatss what I call




and that s what this wonderful site is all about.

Dear Alex you did an amazing job with your ss. Youre a wonderful teacher. Thank you for sharing the fruit of your work us.

Thank you dear Mena for making incredible wss that inspire so many of us.


16 Apr 2009     


For Alex and Mena:

16 Apr 2009