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Needing Feedback


Needing Feedback
Hi everyone,

I have just started uploading lesson plans to ESP. I īm wondering about feedback. One of my lesson plans called "The man and the buffalo". These stories and activities are based on old moral stories and proverbs and such to not only give the students a bit of an English workout, but to also send them am inspiring or useful message. I have only been teaching for a few years, so I am still tweaking my technique everyday. I would appreciate it if all that can take a look at that lesson plan and please tell me what you like, don īt like, or what you would change and how. I have written a bunch of these stories, and would like to put them together for classroom use by others. What do you think? Thanks much for the help.

21 Apr 2009      


Hello there Mobii

I had a look at the story and liked it very much. A short suggestion from me is to try and add an introductory activity to arouse some interest in the story. It īs often hard for learners to go into a listening or reading exercise īcold ī. So warming them up with a related activity is useful. A quick example, depending on level, could be to give the students some pictures of animals - including a buffalo. Then ask them to think of some personality adjectives to describe those animals. When they īre done tell them they īll read a story about the buffalo.

As a concluding exercise, you could also ask the students to think of some stories in their culture which use animals as a vehicle for expressing morals. Most cultures have these stories. Aesop īs fables being the most well known in Europe perhaps. If the students ī level is high enough, they could be given a writing assignment for homework, following on from the concluding discussion.

Just a thought, all the best!

21 Apr 2009     


Hi everybody, I need help. Can anybody tell me stories  to be used with children of 8 years old? where can I find them in the web?
thank you

21 Apr 2009