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Help needed

Baby V

Help needed
Dear friends,
I īm working with Simple past tense and last class my Students asked me to give them a song. As I don īt like giving songs just for the sake of it. I would like you to help me find a song which deals with Simple past. Can anybody help me, Please?
Thanks in advance
kisses for you all
Baby v

22 Apr 2009      


The Beatles - Yesterday has a lot of simple past in it.

Quite easy song though.

22 Apr 2009     



22 Apr 2009     


Hello Baby V,
 A good song to practice the simple past is Because you loved me from Celine Dion.  Many of the verbs are written in past.  Even though the song is kind of old, the message of the song is beautiful.  Hope the tip is useful.

22 Apr 2009     



I have posted Rocky raccoon by the beatles here (text plus exercises) the song has lots and lots of past simple. a lot of songs seems to switch tenses  but Rocky Raccoon is totally past simple. The level is not too difficult but also not childish.

I also uploaded The story of Isaac by leonard cohen. Thye first part is in past tense but since it has a lot of lyrics you still have lots of verbs in past tense. Leonard cohen lyrics are pretty difficult but very very beuatiful! (It is an anti war song). My upload has the text to the song, some background to leaonard cohen (also past tense) and exercises. All are editable since they are word. I hope they are of use to you.

22 Apr 2009     

United States

Hi Baby V---
I love working with songs in class.
Here is a printable I made using the Celine Dion song that strictly treats the Simple Past:
There are a lot more good printables working with songs on the site too.  Check them out:
Have fun singing!  ---Brooke

22 Apr 2009