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ESL forum > Teaching material > WSS with 0 downloads since last month, should they be reported?    

WSS with 0 downloads since last month, should they be reported?


WSS with 0 downloads since last month, should they be reported?
 I ve seen some WSS with 0 downloads reported. The thing is that they were only uploaded a month ago. My question is, should they be reported? or, should we give them more time? what do you say about it?

22 Apr 2009      


I say YES, we could.  Isn t it what the rules say?

22 Apr 2009     

New Zealand

zero downloads are enforced by victor still aren t they??  I don t think that is part of the moderators job - althogh I could be mistaken

22 Apr 2009     


Don t you think we could wait a little bit more to reported them? Give em a chance I mean...
 I don t know, maybe I m wrong...
 Night :)

23 Apr 2009     


I think Victor takes care of these so there s no need for anyone to worry about them

23 Apr 2009     

Anna P

These are Victor s rules, Olga. "If nobody downloads your contribution in a full month, it will be automatically deleted, assuming that something is wrong." I think one whole month is enough time. After that it is very unlikely that the ws will be found and downloaded.

(I removed my previous post because I was wrong.)

23 Apr 2009     


Hi guys Big smile

Last week Victor deleted all the contributions which had zero downloads from March 1st and when he did it, he said that it was the first time he had ever enforced the rule. I think we must ask him to continue to delete after one month as we have more than enough reported worksheets to look at and in order to do a good job it takes time.
With all due respect for the work people are doing in reporting worksheets, Pretty Please stop reporting these zero download worksheets. It creates too much unnecessary work for the moderators. Let s ask Victor to take care of those! What do you say? Wink

23 Apr 2009     


I agree totally with Freddy but I also think that all the members who have joined and never contributed a ws after let s say 2 months - should be deleted also.  When you search through the archives you find a lot of them- mostly student teachers who think they can download stuff for free and when they can t, they don t even try to upload something.

23 Apr 2009     


to Eng789, some members may not have contributed because they find it difficult to access a computer (not just 5 minutes but enough time to create a good ws). Remember not all of us are lucky enough to have our own pc, the use of modern (now taken for granted) technologies. the more stress we are going to put on new comers to create ws the more we are going to be flooded with stuff that won t be downloaded because of the quality: it takes time to imagine a ws idea and then make it to the standards required by the members of this site.

have a good day

23 Apr 2009