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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > I feel sad, insulted and humiliated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I feel sad, insulted and humiliated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel sad, insulted and humiliated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I m insulted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For some odd reason one of my worksheets was removed and I was told it was scanned....I made that three years ago using the programme SIERRA PRINT ARTIST .

I use it often because it only has three numbers vs 6 on a dice and so gives my ss more practice when they are playing a game board. I don t care that it has been removed as few people anyway go into the older material and download. I am however HIGHLY INSULTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!! because I made it , thought it up and created it myself using a programme which I bought!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the reason whoever thought it was scanned , is for some odd reason I m not able to make it into a doc and so the only way I can do it is by selecting select all , copy and then pasting it onto a word doc.

People should not be so quick to criticize others work and be careful of making false accusations without proof.

I hope the people who reported it have to guts to apologise.


24 Apr 2009      


ps : Thanks Zora, for recognising and backing its authenticity ;o)

24 Apr 2009     

United States

This brings up a point I was about to start a thread about--scanned images/worksheets.
What is NOT allowed are images that have been scanned in violation of copyright laws.   For example:
--I draw or type (remember typewriters?) my own worksheet without using a computer and then scan it in order to upload it on esl printables.  I am not breaking any copyright laws--I own the rights to that worksheet--it is allowed.
--I publish my own book and scan images from it and upload them.  It is legal, I own the rights to the images.
--I buy a book full of images that are "public domain" and the copyright info on the book says the images are free to use for non-commercial use.  I can scan and upload these images--I have permission from the owner.
--My friend gives me permission to scan and upload something she created--it is legal and allowed (I suggest you get written permission from your friend just in case it comes into question though)
--I buy a cool book at the bookstore that allows me to make copies of the worksheets "for the classroom only" and the copyright info says items can t be published/ made available anywhere else without written consent of the publisher--you can t post this on the site--without the owner s consent it is a violation of copyright law.
There are too many possible situations to discuss here. The main point is:
We should NOT remove worksheets just because they are scanned or look like they are scanned.  They should only be removed if they are in violation of copyright law.

24 Apr 2009     

United States

One reason I have been hesitant about uploading some of my worksheets.  I do the old fashion cut and paste once done save it by scanning it as a photograph for future use.  Not all that tech savy in the other areas.  Spend more time studying my specialities instead of studying the updated computer advancement.  I may fail to recongnize all the different worksheets I pull pictures from or sentences from, but I believe the minumum I have used on one of my actual worksheets was 4 different worksheets looking for items the students could relate better with.
For instance food, basic English start with the basic foods in that region first then build on it.

24 Apr 2009     


Although I believe that you made the original ws, don t you think you re overreacting just a bit?

Cut down on the indignation, the exclamation marks, and don t contemplate an honour killing because of this unfortunate event.

Take a deep breath and relax. Tomorrow will be a better day!

24 Apr 2009     

class centre

Hi there!
 I must have missed something.Who are the MODERATORS? And why are they MODERATORS?  I simply don t know about such position on the site. Where can I see the rule about this point?  So far, to me it looks like a group of people being empowered to decide on our worksheets...

24 Apr 2009     

United Kingdom

There are no problems without solutions. 
Try not to take it so personally.  Don t be sad and I m sure nobody is trying to humiliate or insult you.
Write to Victor and I m sure all will be solved.  After all his own worksheets were reported so I m sure he will understand how you feel.

24 Apr 2009     


To Natasha: moderators are those who have 1000 points, and that s Victor s rule. When you have more than 1000, you can see this:
 NEW!! As a user with more than 1000 points you can help us to remove copied contributions and non-ESL resources.
Click here to review reported contributions
 Victor couldn t do all the work by himself and that s why we "help" him.
 About "empowered" moderators, you are right. Some of us report WSS with no prooves, a pity...

24 Apr 2009