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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Suggestion on worksheets with no answers... add answer key    

Suggestion on worksheets with no answers... add answer key

United States

Suggestion on worksheets with no answers... add answer key
May I make a suggestion when uploading worksheets and you have questions to be answered attach a sheet with the answers you used as a reference point.  This includes fill-in-the blank even if there is a word clue attached.  Not only are there teachers using these, but there are some students as well.  The answers would be helpful in both cases.  One sheet I downloaded and was question on had multiple answers since the individual uploaded without the answers.  I was accepting mulitple answers as long as they were correct, but had issues with the co-teacher since there was no answer key.  The co-teacher got lost.

24 Apr 2009      


I īll second that.
When teachers upload reading comprehension texts it is really necessary to include the answer key as well. It simply saves time, and we all know that teachers don īt have a lot of free time...Thumbs Up

24 Apr 2009     

Mar (itxasobcn)

I also agree. I usually include answer key, unless it īs a very simple exercise. It saves quite a lot of time!!!!

24 Apr 2009     


I īm in favor.
Sometimes there is more then one good answer and it īs good to see what the author suggests.
I always prefer downloading exercises with keys Thumbs Up

24 Apr 2009     


I second that too....I īd like an answer key and I also like using Pictionaries, especially with kids from 6 to 10. Smile My slower kids can work by themselves with their Pictionary and don īt feel intimidated by the faster kids.

24 Apr 2009     


It īs a good idea but just be careful and read everything before giving it to your pupils, there are occassionally mistakes in the questions and answer pages.
I made that mistake once.  It īs embarrassing. 

24 Apr 2009