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I need your help again


I need your help again
Hello dear teachers of English!. I was making a special work on the English language and faced some difficulties. I want to ask you for some help. Just have a look and give me please some hints to correct my mistakes in these 5 points or at least in some of them.it concerns grammar. Thanks in advance..
1) She is Japaneese but her English is nice. (is "English" an adjective without noun?)
2) how to translate into russian special arrangements for the aged and infirm?
3) can ´t translate the sentences:
- People in general like picture strips.
- So do i. I look at this kind of advertisements.

4) he  (to have ) a very bad day today. Can i use present continuous for the verb in brackets or not?
5) In sole proprietorship the owner and the business are one and the same/
I can ´t translate it into russian correctly.

24 Apr 2009      

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

Number 1 sounds ok, you can use the word "English" without a noun, like in " I speak Russian" - я говорю на русском. But if you want, you can use this : I speak the Russian language.       
 3) I think that you can translate like this - В общем и целом людям нравятся рекламные полосы (возможно имеется ввиду реклама в газетах и журналах) или же : рекламные вставки.
- Мне тоже. Я обращаю внимание на такую рекламу.
4) I think yes , you can use Pr Cont. here

24 Apr 2009     

United Kingdom

Just to let you know that in number 1, it is better to say her English is good , nice isn ´t correct and in number 4 yes you can use the present continuous as it is happening now.
Good luck
Louise Smile

24 Apr 2009