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ESL forum > Ask for help > Why is "big apple" the nickname of New York?    

Why is "big apple" the nickname of New York?

Rosa Félix

Why is "big apple" the nickname of New York?
Can anybody tell me the origin of this nickname for New York?
I ´ve looked it up in the net but nothing clarifies it.

Please, if you know where I can find this information, let me know as well - I ´d be very grateful (well, I already am). Thank you very much!

26 Apr 2009      


I ´ve just googled it and I found this:
Though, as In spanish we call ´ ´apple ´ ´ ( manzana) to refer to any neighborhood...then I though it ´d be the meaning like ´ ´the big neighbourhood ´ ´ ´ ´la gran manzana ´ ´
But havent found any of that searching on the web.
Miss Melissa. Hug

26 Apr 2009     

Rosa Félix

Thank you so much for your interest and help Melissa!

It was also very interesting to know your (spanish) meaning of apple: it makes a lot more sense!!!

Rosa Félix

26 Apr 2009     

United States

Hi Rosa-
go to www.ask.com for any questions you can think of , and you will immediatedly find your answers.
Have a good week,

26 Apr 2009     


Well i´ve once read that in the late 70 or so jazz musicians called New York "The big apple" because they said that once you´ve got Ny you got " the big apple". (in terms of success).
Hope it helps!

26 Apr 2009     


Hi Rosa
When I am unsure I just ceheck Wikipedia. 
You will find your answer there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Apple

27 Apr 2009