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ESL forum > Teaching material > FIlms about English/British cultire    

FIlms about English/British cultire


FIlms about English/British cultire

I ´m trying to find films that deal with the English or British culture, i.e. films that portray the English (or the Brits), their habbits, maybe even stereotype them. I ´m trying to prepare a cultural lesson with my teen students (and later maybe even with adults) where we would watch a film first and then they draw parallels with their own culture (based on the film).

I have thought of these films:
Notting Hill, Bhaji on the Beach, Bend It Like Beckham, What a Girl Wants, 4 Weddings and a Funeral as they portray some aspects of the English / British culture.

Can you help me with more, please?

All the best!

27 Apr 2009      

United Kingdom

East is East is very good for that too. 

27 Apr 2009     


I don ´t think that "East is East" is a good choice because they mock the people from Pakistan in it. They mock their way of living, their traditions - JUST because they ´re different. It reminds of Shakespeare ´s "Merchant of Venice" where Shylock (the Jew) was being mocked by the hypocritical Christians.... Don ´t you see the same analogy as i do?


27 Apr 2009     


I tried to get my teens to watch Bend it like Beckham but the accents were really difficult and they couldn ´t understand much.
Maybe 4 Weddings and a Funeral would be better.
Good luck and let me know if it works...as I ´ve never got my students to watch a film in English.
Just bits of films or using the Life Time DVD ´s which are really expensive. They come with a book and we watch episodes of the series from Beginner up to Intermediate level.

27 Apr 2009     


´Football Factory ´-film about British hooligans

´Human Traffic ´ - film about teenage Brits going clubbing and having fun

´Green Street ´ - another film about holligans

´Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging ´-a comedy film about teenagers

TV series ´Skins ´ (you can find 2 listenings i made to this show among my ws) - i tells a story about British teenagers

the most popular British soap ´EastEnders ´


27 Apr 2009     


Thanks for the answers! I really appreciate it!

27 Apr 2009     

United Kingdom

Actually Ivona I don ´t really see your analogy.  My British Pakistani friends thought East is East was hillarious and it is a highly aclaimed film.  The fact it is a comedy doesn ´t mean it is laughing AT people.  

27 Apr 2009     

United Kingdom

Most of the British soaps give a good example of REAL British culture( many can be viewed on  Youtube). I do agree with the comment on "East is East". It is another way of showing of how intolerant some cultures can be towards others.  But done through the guise of "comedy" in an attempt to take the "sting" out of what is actually being done.  As an Irish person I have seen the offense that many Irish people feel through the depiction of our culture through so-called British and American "comedy" .  But that is for another forum and not for here where we are trying to learn how to  better TEACH ENGLISH LANGUAGE to our students.
DonalThumbs Up

27 Apr 2009     


Remains of the Day is a very good portrayal of British/English society in the period between both WW and after the second one. You/ Your students will LOVE it!

27 Apr 2009     


If you want them to get a sense of British culture then I ´d recommend our soaps more than the movies, since the movies tend to exaggerate a bit.
1) Coronation Street (a soap about the lives of people living on a street near Manchester)
2) Eastenders (a similar setup to Coronation street, about the woeking class living in East London)
3) Emmerdale (set in the Yorkshire Dales)
4) Hollyoaks (a soap with a target audience of 16-29ish)
5)The Bill (a soap about the police in the UK)
You can download full episodes of all of the above and all other British TV shows for free at
www.uknova.com or www.thebox.bz You have to register to download and you must have  bittorrent software like Utorrent on your computer.

27 Apr 2009     

alien boy

Remains of the Day is great - did you know it was written by a Japanese author - Kazuo Ishiguro. He writes in English & has spent many years in London (if I remember correctly).

27 Apr 2009     

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