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I am sad


I am sad
Dear ESL users.

Today one of my worksheets was deleted, it was one about animals, clothes and jobs, for beginners. I am NOT sad that it was removed, but one of the moderators left the following message in the link:

"Yes, it should be removed. If it wasnīt attractive enough to be downloaded when it was free, why anyone would spend a point later."

THIS kind of comments makes me sad. It is not the first time that I have noticed that the worksheets that have more cute pictures are the ones who get more downloads and I want to highlight the fact that I īm not jealous about this, nor do I want to offend anyone in the website. BUT it saddens me that some people seem to give so much importance to appearance. Do you think people who don īt put those images on their worksheets work less? Have you ever thought that they may not even have the chance or even knowledge to do it? I can īt remember having seen in the site that worksheets need to have cute images.

My worksheet may not have been a masterpiece but I had work doing it and this type of comments is not nice. Once again, I am sorry if anyone feels offended with my words. I am not angry, I īm just sad and it is NOT because the worksheet was deleted...

28 Apr 2009      


this stuff is getting absolutely out of control, this anonymous thing is making people think they can say whatever whenever they want.
I īm really sorry for that comment, that person sure is anything but a good teacher.
Of course you have the right to express your opinion as you are a polite and well educated person,
im really really sorry for that.

28 Apr 2009     

United States

I agree, that was NOT a very nice comment and in fact no one has the right to criticize the artistic aspects of a Worksheet, only it īs use as a teaching material.
We īre not artists here, we īre English teachers!

Sometimes we upload in a "dead" period, for example a weekend when not many are online  -so that was not a fair comment on your worksheet.
Many of my WS are being uploaded even though they are not new and the same could have applied to yours too, if given the chance.

I īm sorry that someone wrote that to you.
It was really out of line and not in the spirit of most of the teachers here.

28 Apr 2009     


I think that the content is important and not if they are colourful or not! we can do the changes afterwards! This is ridiculous! sometimes excess of cliparts and colours distract the sts attention! they should learn and not distract themselves! besides, let the teachers decide if they want the worksheet or not 1 month with 0 download it should be deleted or if it is a copy... not because of its prettiness... relax, people... don īt you have other work to do besides saying that the wksheets aren īt good enaough? if you don īt want it, don īt download it!

28 Apr 2009     


Yes, I totally agree with libertybelle...
I  strongly believe that most teachers here  would rather spend their time writing nice comments on contributions other than the comment you unfortunatelly got. Just try to think of all the other nice comments you īve already had  the delight of getting out of your work instead of one that could just be reflecting the spirit of someone who was in a bad day ...
Take good care !

28 Apr 2009     


Thank you for your support. I am already feeling better. Smile I only got shocked at that comment and felt like letting it out... 

28 Apr 2009     

United Kingdom


I īm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I can imagine how you feel now.

My deepest sympathy,


28 Apr 2009     


Don īt be sad Raquel!BeBig smile
We will always meet some unpleasant people that make such rude comments!!
Don īt pay attention to them! Keep on working and doing the best!
A big Hug

28 Apr 2009     


It īs quite sad to see that some people have misunderstood the real goal of the changes in the system and now decided to criticize the quality of worksheets.
Victor and most of the moderators have made clear that the point is to report and delete non-ESL resources, copied material, single drawings and so on. Nobody was told to analize colors, number of pictures, layout or attractiveness of other teacher īs work.
I īve seen other comments posted here of people saying that this or that ws was poor, or could be improved. That is absolutely not the point!
It īs a pitty that these new (and fantastic) tools provided by Victor are been misused like that. 
I agree that it is time to see the possibility of making moderators ī signatures mandatory when leaving comments. Because of messages like that, many moderators who have been working hard and doing their ījob ī properly are also being acused. That is not fair for any of  the parts.
Let īs try to fix that!!! Wink

28 Apr 2009     


Why not have penalties for the few moderators who abuse the power given by the state of ESLprintables? They should be denied the right to further pass judgment on someone else īs work. And it should be a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Cool

28 Apr 2009     


I completely agree with you! As all we know, teaching English is not only giving the students cute pictures! Don īt worry, there īll always be insatisfaction among human beings.
My deepest sympathy

28 Apr 2009     

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