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Performing short plays


Performing short plays
Ive been desperately looking for short drama scripts on the Internet for several days. Id like to perform a short play with my pupils aged 11-14 but I cant find anything really useful. Can you help me with that, please? 

29 Apr 2009      

Korea, South

I taught a play called "Lightning Larry" which I got off the internet and is copyright free. I have done it in Thailand and South Korea and it went down really well with both sets of students (and their parents who came to see it). It has a cast of about 22 but this is fairly flexilble as my first class in Thailand was 30 and the one in South Korea was 12. It has a cowboy theme and is a comedy. It lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. I hope you like it. I have cut and paste it here, just in case you can t find it on the net but if you can, there are a number of other plays on the website (sorry but I can t remember the name of the site). Anyway, good luck!

The Legend of Lightning Larry

By Aaron Shepard

Version 4.0

Adapted for reader s theatre by the author, from the book published by Scribners/Atheneum, New York, 1993

Story copyright (c) 1993 Aaron Shepard. Script copyright (c) 1993, 1996 Aaron Shepard

"Reader s Theater Editions" is a series of scripts for young readers. The scripts may be freely copied, shared, and performed for any educational, noncommercial purpose. Feel free to format and edit the scripts to serve the needs of your own readers -- but please DO NOT pass on copies with text changes or deletions.

GENRE: Tall tale
CULTURE: U.S. (Western frontier)
THEME: Aggressive nonviolence

TIME: 8 min.

ROLES: Citizen 1, Citizen 2, Citizen 3, Citizen 4, Citizen 5, Citizen 6, Citizen 7, Citizen 8, Lightning Larry, Crooked Curt, Evil-Eye McNeevil, Dismal Dan, Devilish Dick, Dreadful Dave, Stinky Steve, Sickening Sid, Raunchy Ralph, Grimy Greg, Creepy Cal, Moldy Mike, Lousy Luke, Gruesome Gus, (Other Citizens, Musicians, Bartender, Bank Teller)

NOTE: CITIZENS serve as narrators. If possible, all readers should speak with a Western drawl.

CITIZEN 1: Well, you ve heard about gunfighting good guys like Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp.

CITIZEN 8: But we ll tell you a name that strikes even greater fear into the hearts of bad men everywhere.

ALL (except LARRY): Lightning Larry!

CITIZEN 2: We ll never forget the day Larry rode into our little town of Brimstone and walked into the Cottonmouth Saloon. He strode up to the bar, smiled straight at the bartender, and said,

LIGHTNING LARRY: Lemonade, please!

CITIZEN 7: Every head in the place turned to look.

CITIZEN 3: Now, standing next to Larry at the bar was Crooked Curt.

CITIZEN 6: Curt was one of a band of rustlers and thieves that had been terrorizing our town, led by a ferocious outlaw named Evil-Eye McNeevil.

CITIZEN 4: Curt was wearing the usual outlaw scowl.

CITIZEN 5: Larry turned to him and smiled.

LIGHTNING LARRY: Mighty big frown you got there, mister!

CROOKED CURT: What s it to you?

LIGHTNING LARRY: Well, maybe I could help remove it!

CROOKED CURT: I d like to see you try!

CITIZEN 1: The rest of us got out of the way, real fast.

CITIZEN 8: The bartender ducked behind the bar.

CITIZEN 2: Larry and Curt moved about ten paces from each other, hands at the ready.

CITIZEN 7: Larry was still smiling.

CITIZEN 3: Curt moved first. But he only just cleared his gun from its holster before Larry aimed and fired.


CITIZEN 6: There was no bang and no bullet. Just a little bolt of light that hit Curt right in the heart.

CITIZEN 4: Curt just stood there, his eyes wide with surprise. Then he dropped his gun, and a huge grin spread over his face.

CITIZEN 5: He rushed up to Larry and pumped his hand.

CROOKED CURT: I m mighty glad to know you, stranger! The drinks are on me! Lemonade for everyone!

CITIZEN 1: When Evil-Eye McNeevil and his outlaw gang heard that Crooked Curt had gone straight, they shuddered right down to their boots.

CITIZEN 8: Most any outlaw would rather die than smile!

CITIZEN 2: Evil-Eye s men were shook up, but they weren t about to let on.

CITIZEN 7: The very next day,

DISMAL DAN: Dismal Dan!

DEVILISH DICK: Devilish Dick!

DREADFUL DAVE: And Dreadful Dave!

CITIZEN 7: rode into Brimstone, yelling like crazy men and shooting wild.

DAN, DICK, & DAVE: (hoot and holler, prance, wave guns and shoot)

CITIZEN 3: Windows shattered

CITIZEN 6: and citizens scattered.

CITIZEN 4: Then Lightning Larry showed up. He never warned them.

CITIZEN 5: Never even stopped smiling.

CITIZEN 1: Just shot three little bolts of light.

LIGHTNING LARRY: Zing! Zing! Zing!

DAN, DICK, & DAVE: (stop and fall when hit)

CITIZEN 8: Hit those outlaws right in the heart.

CITIZEN 2: Larry s shots knocked the outlaws to the ground. They lay there trying to figure out what had hit them. Then they got up and looked around.

DISMAL DAN: Looks like we did some damage, boys.

CITIZEN 7: ...said Dismal Dan.

DEVILISH DICK: Hope nobody got hurt!

CITIZEN 3: ...said Devilish Dick.

DREADFUL DAVE: We d better get to work and fix this place up.

CITIZEN 6: ...said Dreadful Dave.

CITIZEN 4: They spent the rest of the day replacing windows and apologizing to everyone who d listen.

CITIZEN 5: Then for good measure, they picked up all the trash in the street.

CITIZEN 1: Evil-Eye McNeevil had lost three more of his meanest men,

CITIZEN 8: and he was furious!

CITIZEN 2: He decided to do something really nasty.

CITIZEN 7: The next day,

STINKY STEVE: Stinky Steve!

SICKENING SID: And Sickening Sid!

CITIZEN 7: walked into the 79th National Savings and Loan, with guns in hand.

CITIZEN 3: They wore masks,

CITIZEN 6: but everyone knew who they were -- from the smell.

STINKY STEVE: Stick up your hands.

CITIZEN 4: ...said Stinky Steve.

SICKENING SID: Give us all the money in your vault.

CITIZEN 5: ...ordered Sickening Sid.

CITIZEN 1: They were just backing out the door with the money bags, when Lightning Larry strolled by.

CITIZEN 8: Didn t even slow his step.

CITIZEN 2: Just shot those bandits in the back.


CITIZEN 7: Went right through to the heart.

CITIZEN 3: The puzzled outlaws stopped and looked at each other.

STINKY STEVE: Seems a shame to steal the money of hardworking cowboys.

SICKENING SID: Wouldn t want to make their lives any harder.

CITIZEN 6: They holstered their guns and walked back to the teller.

CITIZEN 4: They plunked the money bags down on the counter.

SICKENING SID: Now, you keep that money safe.

CITIZEN 5: Then they pulled out their wallets and opened up accounts.

CITIZEN 1: That was the last straw for Evil-Eye McNeevil. It was time for a showdown!

CITIZEN 8: The next day, at high noon, Larry was sipping lemonade at the Cottonmouth Saloon. Evil-Eye burst through the doors and stamped up to him.

EVIL-EYE McNEEVIL: I m Evil-Eye McNeevil!

LIGHTNING LARRY: (with a huge smile) Hello, Evil-Eye! Can I buy you a lemonade?

EVIL-EYE McNEEVIL: This town ain t big enough for the both of us.

LIGHTNING LARRY: Seems pretty spacious to me!

EVIL-EYE McNEEVIL: I ll be waiting for you, down by the Okey-Dokey Corral.

29 Apr 2009     


ahhh!!! with your post soemthing weir happened... I hope that with this message I am sending the forum does not look messed... sorry

29 Apr 2009     

United States

Depends on what you want.  I have had to create some of my own plays to hit on themes being taught.  I also found some sort ones labeled skits online.  My level 3 s had a blast especially when we gave them homework to bring in their own props.   How I did it was did a full lesson at the end introduced a basic synopsis of the plays.  The teams grabbed the one the wanted and the following class we acted them out with the props they brought.  Just asked if it was snacks bring a little extra to share with friends in the class.  As said skits will bring up a whole bunch online.  Just becareful on ones you pick can go over the students heads or too hard to do in a class but there are some with some really funny humor especially in the boy and girl scout campfire skits.

29 Apr 2009     


Try this web page, I know one of the teachers at my school used plays from this site for a final performance: http://www.teachingheart.net/
Plays are also available at: http://www.storiestogrowby.com/

Hope it helps!

29 Apr 2009     


29 Apr 2009     


Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate it ... Youre great!

29 Apr 2009