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Pen pal


Pen pal
Hi everybody
I was talking with my students, and they asked me to try to find some pen pals for them. they are tired to send e-mails and now they want to send and receive letters and post cards from all over the world.
What do you think about it??
well i hope it works!
If you are interested send me an e-mail on: liziagonfer@yahoo.com.br

14 Oct 2008      


Hello there,
My name´s Sergio and I´m an English teacher in Mexico. I give classes to sttudents who are in hish scchool level and they´re interested in having penpals too. They´re very interested in exchanging e-mails and chatting through the messenger. My students are between 14 and 17 years old.
Please send me more information. tichorsergio@yahoo.com

14 Oct 2008     

Nabila Manzur

we have already started sending e mails, but it will be ok to exchange letters,too,  if you want to contact me, i ´ll send you my sts list.


14 Oct 2008     

United States

Hello, the pen pal idea appealed to me a lot. I kind of have an idea of how it works but if you could tell me more in detail how can I set it up it would be great! I think my students would like to do that.

14 Oct 2008     


hello teachers

today here in Brazil is our day...Teacher´s day!!! so congratulations for you all
well i think that we should start changing the adresses and names.... my students are between 10 and 17.... so how are your ideas?
kisses and hugs

15 Oct 2008     


if you prefer to use the MSN messenger to discuss this subject
here is my msn adress: caracolesgf@hotmail.com

15 Oct 2008