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ESL forum > Teaching material > Yes! - Tinta Fresca - Pearson Education    

Yes! - Tinta Fresca - Pearson Education


Yes! - Tinta Fresca - Pearson Education
Hello! Today I started to work in a school and they are using these books: Yes! 1 and Yes! 2. Have you got the audio from these books?
Thanks for your reply.

30 Apr 2009      


You ´ve got a PM :=)

1 May 2009     


Hi there! It ´s very likely that you find the audio you need here... www.englishtips.org

Best regards,


1 May 2009     

United Kingdom

Unfortunately englishtips.org does not have the audios for these books.

1 May 2009     

United States

First question none of the co-teachers have it?  Second none in school will the school order it or borrow from a neighboring school that has it?  Third contact the manufactor?  Fourth look in book and cd sites for it like Ebay, Amazon, Overstock.com, Alibris and others if you have to get it yourself.  Finding teacher books online can be very hard and cd to the books posted online even harder if not almost impossible.  Depending on the printing date you may be out of luck in any case, sorry.  Printers rarely keep anything too long unless it is still in circulations and even then...  well space and popularity of the item comes into play.

1 May 2009