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Water legends


Water legends

Hi everyone,

I ´ve made a powerpoint presentation on water legends but it ´s too heavy to uoploaded it here. If you ´re interested, check my blog and you can download it from there.
Hugs from Portugal.

2 May 2009      

New Zealand

What a great resource.  I am having trouble figuring out how to download - but I will get there!

I am doing myths and legends this term for my topic.  I was wondering what peoples favourite legends are from their homeland?

One of my favourite legends is about the Kaitiaki (guardian) of the ocean - Tangaroa and how he became the god of the ocean.  It is a maori legend from NZ. 

What about yours?

3 May 2009     


I ´m glad you liked it!!!
To download it click on the title above the powerpont. It will open a new window and you then must click "get file".
I have some troubles in telling you my favourite legend, because I ´m fascinated by the mysterious and magic world of legends. However, maybe the lady of the lake is my favourite, since I love arthurian legends...

3 May 2009     

manonski (f)

You have to register to a website to get the file.

3 May 2009