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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Animal Letters Alphabet voted to be removed    

Animal Letters Alphabet voted to be removed

United States

Animal Letters Alphabet voted to be removed

I can not believe that my animal letter worksheets were voted to be removed by people with more than 1000 points. How many people draw their own pictures when they prepare their worksheets? So, all of their work should be also removed from the site because they get the pictures from another website. Besides that, I am the one that had the idea of using the letters that were in the smugmug.com gallery site free of charge, to create a worksheet that could be used to teach the animal’s name, the alphabet and indefinite article. Unfortunately at that time I didn’t know how to reduce the size of the file in order to upload the worksheets in sets, so I had to upload each letter individually because the file was too heavy. However, some days later when a teacher from this site told me how to reduce the size of the file, I uploaded a variation of some letters in sets of 4 and all of them were voted to be removed too (remember that not everybody is computer smart). The people that have voted for the work to be removed don’t even have a consensus, because some of them are saying that the work was copied from the site snuggle (actually they could see the site’s name on the letters, they didn’t even had the work to look for) and others said that the letters should be uploaded in sets. Please visit the site and see if you will find my worksheets in there. I just used the pictures as many of you do. As I have already said, many of them were uploaded in sets and were also voted to be removed.

 What about everybody that used MY work? They get the worksheets and do I lose the points? Do you think that it is fair?


I would like all of you to read the comments that I have received.

Paste/Copied from http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/1899974/27/96474031. Please remove.

These were put before the new rule. BUT I agree that they should have been in a set... or at least in three or four sets and not each one separately. If eliminated, you should re upload them in a set because they ARE very beautiful! Zora

This material is copyrighted!!!!!

The picture is copied, and there is not additional work. Therefore it should be removed.

removed only because it should be in a file... upload it again please!

Sorry, it should be removed and if youd like you could upload it again together with other letters and also giving credit to the authors of this beautidul alphabet. mena


Ps: The site was mentionned in the letters, many of them were uploaded in sets and there was additional work…

3 May 2009      

alien boy


As I said before, A single flashcard would not be acceptable, but a set of flashcards (in a single document or a series of documents) would be OK.  We all understand that flashcards are esl resources. Don ´t we?

3 May 2009     

New Zealand

I am sorry for you ... I saw these but did not have time to vote.... I did look on the website though and I did look at your profile to try and see if they were created/painted by you but I could see nothing that said "I drew these myself" type of thing.... I just ran out of time to look into it further which is why I personally did not vote but I can understand why others did when they could not see a statement like that in the description.

In a case like this a PM to Victor should be able to sort it out... it seems like there is fault on both sides... everyone is human and it does highlight the importance of being very clear in the descriptions that we write for our worksheets. Especially if we have drawn something ourselves or have scanned in a homemade worksheet too.
The people who voted it to be removed would have had no indication from the description or anything else that these were your own handmade creation.

I really wish I had made the extra time to PM you as I had a niggling feeling that you had drawn  them but I could not for sure remember where I saw that... maybe in the forum ages ago?

3 May 2009     


I don ´t  think it is fair that your worksheets were removed from the site. I think the new rules should apply only to the NEW WORKSHEETS.

3 May 2009     

alien boy

Well, they were issued as a set in a series of documents - so that should never have been an issue.

The ´new rules ´ should apply to all content - old, new, in-between... it ´s only right that all items should be equal according to the rules.

It doesn ´t take much to add a further description to flash cards, etc. to make them comply with the details now required.

In LadyJaneC ´s case there has definitely been a very big error made... which is why all the ´moderators ´ should review the standards that Victor has set & conform to them... flashcards being one of the biggest areas of contention.

According to Victor a series of documents is permissible for a set of flashcards, so why do some people think that 1 document should be required or more than 1 image be necessary if the image is graphically intensive (not everyone seems to know how to optimise images)

3 May 2009     

manonski (f)

LadyJaneC, you say in your thread:

"How many people draw their own pictures when they prepare their worksheets? So, all of their work should be also removed from the site because they get the pictures from another website." I ´d like to tell you that I pay a membership in 2 websites to have the right to use their pictures, animations and photos. I mentionned the source on the sheets I ´ve uploaded. I do that because I can ´t draw.

I ´m one of the those who voted for your sheet to get removed yesterday. I did check the website and I believed you had taken the work of someone else on another website. I ´m sorry if those were your drawing. Maybe it should have been said when you uploaded your sheet. Maybe you could upload them as a kit instead of one letter per upload as other moderators suggested.

3 May 2009     

alien boy

Hi manonski,

A quick question - What do you mean by ´kit ´? Is there a way to upload a compressed group of files? A series of documents would comprise a ´kit ´, but then they would not be in 1 file (or potentially even 2 or 3 or more).

This is one of those areas that needs to be considered & clearly defined for all members (& ´moderators´ to acknowledge as being indisputable) rather than just having an arbitrary no of files according to the voting members whim or technical misinformation.

As Victor stated, a series of flash cards may actually contain several documents.

3 May 2009     

manonski (f)

Hi Alien Boy
Just to make it clear, when I voted, it was because I had reasons to believe the pictures had been taken from another website, not because I thought they were not an ESL resource.
When I say a kit, I mean I don ´t want to download 26 letters separately. It was just a suggestion for her. I do believe the sheets are an ESL resource but I would never use my 30 free resources per day to download 26 letters of the alphabet. Maybe they could have been placed in a bundle of 5 letters per download.
Have a good day.

3 May 2009     

alien boy

Thanks for the reply manonski!

I understood your reasoning, but the use of ´kit ´ was highly ambiguous.

 As the Lady said:
Ps: The site was mentioned in the letters, many of them were uploaded in sets and there was additional work

so it seems there may have been some justification for some of the worksheets to be ´light-on ´ for flashcard content, along with consideration of earlier statements about lack of technical knowledge.


3 May 2009     


I suffered from those controlling people just like you Lady Jane and I made some changes in my worksheet and uploaded again. Now I got the points that I already deserved... I hope you getwhat you deserve, too...

3 May 2009     

manonski (f)

I don ´t often vote, but when I do, it ´s according to the rules. I never leave rude comments. I never use the word "stolen". I don ´t care if the activity is useful or useless for me. I vote according to the rules given to the moderators. If doing that is controlling, than so be it.  Soon, you ´ll have the right to vote too. Let ´s see if you can do a better job.

3 May 2009     

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