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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Bloggin, chatting...its effect on language .....    

Bloggin, chatting...its effect on language .....


Bloggin, chatting...its effect on language .....
Bloggin, chatting...its effect on language .....

QueenJade wrote...


  Hello there!....
I īd like to continue this īdiscussion ī on what I posted today. Here is the link:

The only think I īve notices is...no-one really answered my quesition! LOL Wink
I want to know...what you, teachers, think about this new generation which is growing with this incredible way of communicating..a generation which has all the technology to communicate better and faster.... Although, so much communication ...incommunicate us (btw.,.. does the word īincomunicate exist..sorry I just can īt find the opposite to communication).
Finally,  what are the effects of blogging and chatting on language learning.... and well our mother tonge too!

It is a very interesting topic.so I repost it again....Come on guys..participate and give your suggestions, ideas, comment here and help us to produce a project about it..letīs participate giving examples about how and why its effects cause good or bad things in the communication ?

17 May 2009      

Hong Kong

Chatting has made us lazy.We use shorthand for most things like: CUl8r/See you later.  If you want to say what you think you say:imho/in my humble opinion.  And if something isn īt known at the time we use: idk/I don īt know.   The Romans often wrote without using vowels so maybe it isn īt such a bad practice after all.  It is faster but can also lead to confusion.  "LOL" can be Lots of Love/Laughing Out Loud/ Lots of Luck.  It all depends upon the writer and the receiver needs to know the meaning behind the letters. 

17 May 2009     


Chatting and blogging have given origin to a new language. Very young people -and not so young- get so used to it that   they get to lose their own little by little.
I can see young people mastering that fast communication language but ignoring simple words in their mother tongue. Not to speak of their second language to which they cannot devote so much time now...as they are busy chatting, blogging, photologging, facebooking  Wink...etc

Worrying, indeed.

I am trying to open up that world to the English learning and correct use of language...Daydreaming? 

17 May 2009     

Carla Horne
United States

It īs frightening to me because students are putting in writing statements that they will regret later. They don īt understand that it is never really deleted and that it could be presented in court! We had some students, not ELLs, get suspended for cursing the principal on their My Space page. It seems that another student told the administrators about it and gave them the passwords. It was a very tense two weeks.


17 May 2009     


The language is turning into a faster and simpler way of communication. Come on, guys. We use language just for communication and we are watching big changes. In the future I think we īll use the kind of abbreviations they use today in chatting. I have nothing against it, maybe another language was born and there īs no way to stop it from growing. It looks strange for people who are older than 20 but every generation creates something different. In 60 īs they changed clothes and hair style; in 80 īs, different kinds of music that sound strange to adults. Now they are changing the language. Nothing very original, I think.

17 May 2009     


Hey Suzylima!
Thank you for re-posting my message!

Thank you for your replies anyway people!

18 May 2009