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Delphine 05

Hello :)

I need your help :)

a student of mine is searching for a penfriend... As shes in a boarding school she cant use the Internet very often... She wants to write "real" letters. Her level is pre-intermediate. Shes about 16 years old. She loves English.



18 Oct 2008      


 Id love one of my pupils to do it too. Shes 12. Here is my email: [email protected]
 Ive been thinking to do it with a whole class. They are between 9 and 11. So, if you, or anybody, have more pupils...
 Bye :)

18 Oct 2008     



Ive been talking to my students about having penfriends and they loved the idea! But they are thinking about using the net. I can talk to them to see if any of them is interested in writing real letters. They are aged 12 to 15.
my mail is [email protected]  if you want to contact me!Smile

18 Oct 2008     


Hi Akanah!
As I said before my pupils are interested but they are learning Spanish as well. They are on their second year. But since portuguese and spanish are a bit similar, if we put them on contact they may correspond in a kind of spanish mixed portuguese LOL

18 Oct 2008     


Hi delphine! Would it be O if I ask my students too? theyre in 5th and 6th level and although theyre adults, ive got some of them who would be really interested in having web penfriends.
Please let me know and well get in touch.
Best regards from Argentina!!
Miss Yanis :) (L)

18 Oct 2008     


hello Delphine,
My 5th graders are very interested in writing letters. I would like to take this step, but how???????
Ill be very glad to know.

18 Oct 2008     


my students are interested too.
Ive send a topic some days ago. I am wainting for contacts at MSN: [email protected]
P.S.: my students are between 10 and 17!

18 Oct 2008     

Delphine 05

Thank you all for your messages :)  I really like this ESL community :) Theres always someone nice to help you

Maybe we can use the addresses of our schools? I can ask my student to prepare a letter in which she introduces herself and explains why she wants to have a penfriend... (I have to precise that I dont teach her anymore because shes in 5th form - I have younger students this year)

If you agree, can you please send me ([email protected]) an address that she can send her letter? In it she can give her own address.

I also have some beginner classes (13-15 years old) and they are really motivated to have penfriends :) At the moment were learning present simple tense and daily routines.

I hope we will be able to realize this project :)

Thanks a lot :)

19 Oct 2008