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Background of worksheets changes


Background of worksheets changes
Hello Victor and all of you great people!
I know Iīve seen answer for these questions before on this forum. I tried not to bother anybody looking for that reply, but somehow I couldnīt find it.
The thing is that when I create my worksheets, I always create coloured or patterned background, but when I upload it on the site - the backround is white, as if I hadnīt done anything. I know it has something to do with the settings, but...as I said I cannot find the previous reply on this. If anybody knows where that explanation is, may I please ask for the link?
One more thing.. can somebody remind me how we created all those interesting frames on the worksheets (flowers, hearts....) ... different styles. It gives so much warmth to the printable.
Thanks so much for your help! I hope I will receive answer soon, so that I can create more interesting works.

19 Oct 2008      


Iīm sorry I cantīt help you with that. Iīm a very recent member of this site so I donīt really know how to give you a hand on this one. Confused I was thinking that perhaps you could give a help. I would love to do worksheets with coloured and patterned backgrounds but I donīt reaaly know how i can do it Cry. It would be very nice if someone could give me some clues. Iīm doing a training in a public school this year and It would be great if i could prepare this kind of worksheets to my students. I agree with you when you say it gives much more warmth to the printable.
Thanks a lot! Thumbs Up

19 Oct 2008     


Hi Igof,
Thanks for your reply anyway :-)
To create the bakground is not that difficult. I simly click "Format" in the Toolbar of a Word Document, then slect Background and there are lots of possibilities how you can create the background. However, there is somethig after that  you should do in order your coloured background to apprear when uploading - and that is where my question was...I donīt know how to do those settings. Otherwise, no matter how much you try to create interesting background, when ou upload it it will be white again Cry
I still think you can help me with my second question - the frames. I noticed that on one of your worksheets : "Have you ever seen the rain" you have some brownish patterned frame. How did you create it? I know Iīve done that before, but itīs ben a while since then, and I simply forgot... Confused
Thanks again! 

19 Oct 2008