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Plays for 15/16 characters


Plays for 15/16 characters
Hi everybody!
Asking for help again! Do you know how I can get the scripts of plays for teenagers. Do you have any to share with me? I have a group of 16 students (elementary) and I don īt know what I can perform. I also have another upper intermediate group of 12.
The play should last between 20 and 30 minutes...no more!
Thanks a million,

3 Jun 2009      


I once adapted this one for my 7-year-olds. You can always have two children play one character. Also, use the idea and build on it. Add songs and rhymes that the children already know. I didn īt like the ending much, so i changed it. Unfortunately, i cannot give you my version because it īs in the pc of the school i worked in. I remember that when the characters introduced themselves i wrote sth like: I īm Bobby Brave! Mess with me and your home will be a grave! (i just made this up, but you get the idea ...)
"Brilliant" (McMillan) course book is based on piratry, so you can use songs from there. I think i can help you with that.

3 Jun 2009     


Thanks so much Ivona.
I have already visited the site you recommend.
It īs for young students and the thing is that my students are about 17/18 years old.
Some topics may be too childish for them.
Thanks a lot for answering Smile

3 Jun 2009     


If you had been more specific ... the help would have been more adequate. "Elementary" could mean 6-year-olds, too.  Wink
Anyway, with a little bit older ones i did Beauty IS a Beast, in the same site. Of course, i only used the idea and adapted it to suit my needs and my students.
EDIT: And if EYE had been more careful when reading your post! Lol! Teenagers are certainly not 6-year-olds! Ahem. Cool
Still, Pirates of the Carri bean were played by much older people. It all depends on the perspective. You can always add some funny moments into the play. You underestimate teens. Itīs all in the way you put it across to them.

3 Jun 2009     

alien boy

Here are a few(!) interesting websites for both of you to peruse when you have time - they may not be immediately helpful depending upon your time constraints...

The Australian Script Centre

Alex Broun home page with free 10 minute, one act & full length play script downloads

Kidsinco, free playscripts for kids (I have now updated the link...)

If I remember any other good references I īll let you know.


p.s. thereīs also īDrama-Education.comī, which is very interesting & has some great resources too.

p.p.s. there are some more fun things here too: http://www.geocities.com/playintheroad/freescripts.html... but please read the process before getting a script to make sure it suits your needs.

p.p.p.s here are some free downloadable one act Australian plays too: http://www.aussieoneactplays.com/downloads/index.htm

However, from experience I have to agree with Ivona - the students get a huge kick out of writing, producing & performing their own production - itÂīs vastly superior to getting them to perform somebody elseÂīs work!

3 Jun 2009     


as ivona just said, i would let them write their own one.
maybe adapt a classical story into whatever they want to.
i had 2 groups do it this year (13-14 year olds) and they had so much fun they asked me if they could do it again. i had a little red riding hood of the 21st century with a grandma that liked going to the casino that made as laugh lots, all their own creation. and many other silly but funny stories the kids enjoyed creating.

3 Jun 2009     


Btw, if they īre late teens, as they are, they īre quite capable of creating
their OWN play.
Why don īt you light a fire in them? This thread will tell you more about what i mean:

If you have time and patience to download, there are two films that we (me and my ss) did based on the photo stories that we created. It was our first time ever. It took us ONLY an HOUR to record one of the films (and a lot more hours for me to edit it, produce it and finalise it) BUT, the moral of the story is this: your students will have
MUCH greater fun doing sth they themselves created
than doing sth you downloaded from the net. Trust me.
In case you īre interested in the films (i suggest the One Potato one), here īs the link:


3 Jun 2009     


WinkWow!!!!!!!!  Ivona!!! Those vids are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!   What a wonderful creative exercise!! You are brilliant!! Bratty but brilliant LOLThank you so much...you have given me ideas!!

3 Jun 2009     


Thanks everybody!
Your contributions have been of great help. Fantastic websites Alienboy!
Big hug and thanks a million to all of you,

4 Jun 2009