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ESL forum > Ask for help > Present Perfect Continuous / Simple    

Present Perfect Continuous / Simple

Czech Republic

Present Perfect Continuous / Simple
Dear NATIVE SPEAKERS or ADVANCED linguists :-) I need your help desperately :-)
I have created a game on Present Perfect Continuous and I would like to be sure it is correct. There are two parts of the sentence - first is meant to be in present perfect CONTINUOUS /// and the second in present perfect simple. I HAVE SPENT 3 HOURS WORKING ON THIS GAME and I need some help...
I have written the base of the sentences and I would ask students to make the complex sentences...
ARE MY base expressions OK, so the sentences can be built with present perfect tenses

dig all morning /so not eat yet
THE KEY: The pirates have been digging all morning, so they haven t eaten anything yet.


4 Jun 2009      

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Moravc

First let me apologize, I am neither native nor an expert, just a grammar lover, but, in fact, with little English environment around.

It seemed to me that you have a pattern in your work, to be repeated, right?

present perfect CONTINUOUS /// and the second in present perfect simple

This sentence:

Recently, _ feel really tired / because not slept well

So, if I understood your pattern this example would be like this:

Recently they have been feeling really tired, because they haven t slept well.

( Am I following what you were thinking about ?)

Now, just a question for you and for the people to come.

What would you say if I wrote this instead?

Recently they have been feeling really tired, because they haven t been sleeping well.

Not correcting anything, just asking for an explanation, don t misunderstand me, please.Smile

4 Jun 2009     

Czech Republic

the main idea was to practise present perfect tenses, both continuous and simple...
but the pattern: present perfect continuous, present perfect continuous is ok too... Smile

but the first intention was to have:
"Pp continuous, PP simple. " pattern

What I really need to know:
Are those "sentence bases" of mine allright to make the sentences in present perfect?
Would those sentences built according to the pattern MAKE SENSE? Wink

4 Jun 2009     

Czech Republic

I have been dreaming about the treasure since I was 15, but I haven t found it yet.
They have been hunting for 2 hours now, but they haven t killed anything yet.
He has been counting money since 9 o clock but he hasn t finished yet.
They have been stealing jewellery since then, so they have collected a lot of gold.
He has been climbing up the mountain for hours, so he hasn t have a rest yet.
Recently,  I have been feeling really tired because I haven t slept well.
He has been shaving for quite a long time so he hasn t drunk the poison.

4 Jun 2009     

Czech Republic

For example I am not quite sure if the verb STEAL can be GERUND... isn t it better to say:
They have been attacking... since then, so they have collected a lot of gold.
They have been hooking... since then, so they have collected a lot of gold.

dream about the treasure since _  was 15 / not find yet
hunt for 2 hours now / but not killed yet
count money since 9 oclock / but not finish yet
steal since then / so collect a lot
climbing up the mountain for hours / so not rest yet
Recently, _ feel really tired / because not slept well
shave for quite a long time / so not drink poison
creep the whole day / but not catch yet 
sun shine for hours / but they not wake up yet
pull the canoe for 20 minutes now / but not arrive yet
argue all week / so not sail yet
tell lies since _ was 5 years old / so not tell truth yet
chase all this summer / not find yet
watch for days / but not see ...... so far 
sit in cave for ages / so not get sunburn yet
sip tea for a few minutes / but not drink gin yet
laugh for ages / but not speak a nice word yet
throw stones all afternoon / but not hurt yet
owl cry lately / so have bad dreams
stare on ... for ages / so not spot the ship yet
bats fly all night / so not light fire yet
cook fox since 3 oclock / but not tasted it yet
it rain for months / so not explore island yet
shoot every month for 3 years now / not kill a tiger yet
hide in bushes for quite a long time / so find yet
wood floating for 10 minutes now / but remove yet
lie on grass for half an hour now / so not clean teeth yet
sneeze since Monday / so not leave bed yet
fire burn all day/ so there no wood left
cut and chop mushrooms lately / but never pick blueberries
snow a lot this week / so not travel much yet
haunt the last 20 years / but not scare lately
mend since September / but not finish yet
swim in sea all day / so not work yet
parrot sing for ages / but not speak English yet
it swallow  for the last 6 minutes / so not run away yet
wait for ship since July / but it not arrive yet 
corn not grow much lately / so not harvest yet
draw & read map / so not swept the deck yet

4 Jun 2009     


Most of these are OK, but I have sent a PM with a few suggestions.Smile

4 Jun 2009     

Czech Republic


Apodo, you are a TREASURE !

4 Jun 2009     

United States

I think it s a great idea but it might be a little too long. I don t what age group or ability level you are teaching, but my own experience has taught me that as soon as they see that many sentences in need of correction or alteration, their motivation completely disappears. Maybe you should teach the lesson and use half of them, then maybe come back to it in a month for review and use the other half, depending on how well they did the first time. Just a thought. Great idea, though.

4 Jun 2009     

Czech Republic

yaya, waynedef, you are right...

I might have time to upload the GAME today, so you ll see it s much easier
it is a boardgame and each player can make 8 sentences only, if all the sentences are correct

it sounds much more easier... now :-)

4 Jun 2009