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ESL forum > Ask for help > any solutions for crowded classes?    

any solutions for crowded classes?


any solutions for crowded classes?
HELLO EVERYBODY.Iīm in great need for any suggestions and practical solutions to deal with crowded classes and be able to teach my students efficiently.

20 Oct 2008      

New Zealand

Hi Tamim,
My suggestion is to use group activities as much as possible.  IT takes a lot of discpline to instigate but use positive reinforcement (like a group point system of some sort), have one group win for best learning, behaviour etc each week - and tell the kids how wonderful they are as much as possible - never focus on the negative kids, everyone else just gets annoyed and grumpy! 
I suggest you do a search for cooperative learning strategies - and use them all the time in your teaching.  This is the only successful strategy i have found so far!
Please note - it is extremely important that you have a very good behavioural plan in place in your classroom while establishing the cooperative classroom.  Once the students are familiar with and comfortable with coperative learning you will find the children enjoy learning so much that they donīt want to stop class!
Websites for cooperative learning:
Good luck

20 Oct 2008     

class centre

Dear Tamim,
let me share my experience. I am a 30 year exprerience teacher. I have worked in different places and in different situations. The main idea is to keep the children busy and interested. The games system ( by Vickiii) is quite right. But there may be a lot of noise. Itīs not bad( I mean the noise) but if it may cause some problems with neighbour classes or something else... Our worksheets are also a wonderful tool for making children busy and interested, donīt you think so?  For little ones it is good to promise to display their best works in the class room. They will be as busy as bees.
As for the behaviour problems in big classes, I have another system. In my class I put small toy clowns ( on a tooth stick) attached to a half bottle cork. If a student breaks a rule of behaviour, I take a clown off. I donīt say bad words to him or her, I simply take the clown off and say something like that - Iam very sorry, but I have to take it off, dear.
The student still has one clown left. And if he or she doesnīt loose it up to the end of the lesson, he or she will be given a sticker at the end of the lesson along with others. It works magically!Good luck, Tamim!

20 Oct 2008     


THANKS FOR YOUR REPLIES.I am getting more  confident with this site.Thanks again

20 Oct 2008