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ESL forum > Ask for help > how can i improve my students “ language???!!!    

how can i improve my students “ language???!!!

zeina monzer

how can i improve my students “ language???!!!
hello everyone,
i teach english for students in grades 6,7 and 8.
they are blind and partially blind students. i also have students with learning disabilities.
the problem is that their english language is very weak an i want to improve it
i tried many ways some of them improved but others have shoooooort memory :(
i need your advice please

14 Jun 2009      


I would suggest working with songs.  Somebody suggested this site on the forum before.
T :)

14 Jun 2009     


you could also use sounds where we usually use flashcards (lots of sounds can be dowloaded on the net), and all sense activities - e. g. sts hold an object in their hands and describe it (if you “re working on body parts, give them a toy animal and have them say how many legs it has, whether they are long/short, etc. and then guess the animal; then you can slowly develop language skills by adding discussions about what this animal can/can+t do, where they live, what they can do...)... you can also use the sense of smell - bring different objects and have them guess what it is by using smell... depending on how advanced their knowledge level gets, you can combine those and have a creative story-making workshop - one st pulls out a dragon and guesses it, the other smells an apple and guesses it, the third touches a silk scarf and guesses it, the fourth listens to the sound of a woman screaming and you play them some medieval music, and soon you have them all creating a story, because each of them has to say a sentence about their task as if writing a story and it has to continue the story line of the people before...And soon you “ve got e. g. a sad dragon who loved apples and went to steal some from the castle orchard, and a princess saw him and screamed... while she was running she lost her silk scarf, which was carried off by the wind to another country where a prince found it....yadayadayada... you get the idea - maybe it helps... (donĀ“t be afraid of using too much, use some at first and then gradually add vocabulary - you can start with naming animals, then add simple body parts, then add big-small, then long short, then good-bad-dangerous...- usually when things are repeated using all senses itĀ“s easier to remember them)
have a lovely Sunday

14 Jun 2009     

zeina monzer

thanks for your helpful replies

14 Jun 2009