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New Uploads

United States

New Uploads
I opened the new uploads link and started downloading the 25 worksheets which it said I had left for the day. I didn ┤t realize it but every time I downloaded a worksheet it was deducting from my downloads available (not daily 30). I didn ┤t realize what was going on until I had depleted all of my downloads. I refreshed the new uploads page and all the worksheets seemed to be different. Is there a certain time of day when all the new uploads change or are new uploads ┤new ┤ for 24 hours after there uploaded? I wouldn ┤t really like to prevent this from happening a again in the future. I was so excited to use my 11 downloads! Thanks for your help.

20 Jun 2009      


Hi Tatum
The new uploads appear at 00:00 (Spanish time)

20 Jun 2009     


it┤s 5:00 o┤clock pm from us in Mexico (south time)

20 Jun 2009     


Every place changes at a certain time, here in Brazil is at 7 pm, you have to know what time changes in Mexico. 

20 Jun 2009     


What about the USA?

20 Jun 2009     

Hong Kong

The USA has four time zones.  You have to figure out how much difference there is between where you are and Spain. I am 12 hours ahead of NYC so I judge it by that.  I still don ┤t know the best time. LOL  This is just more proof we need a clock on the website that is on Spanish time.

20 Jun 2009     

United States

Spain is on Central Europe time which means that Spain should be about 5 hours ahead of Eastern USA and 8-9 hours ahead of California. (not sure about daylight savings time)

The rest you have to figure out yourself.

20 Jun 2009     

New Zealand

Or check out an online world clock....

20 Jun 2009     

United States

Hi, I am new. áIt is not clear to me how this ┤daily ┤ download works...Does one get a daily 30 sheets download or a ┤total ┤ of 30 for how long, or just how does this system work?
Thanks in advance for any explanation

20 Jun 2009