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Worksheets removed

regina. di

Worksheets removed
I īm really disappointed with ESL Printables. I had some of my printables removed just because I sent them to another website as well. What is problem about it?? The printable was created by me and sent to the two pages. I don īt see any problems about it. If I had known before that it īs not possible, I wouldn īt have sent the other since, once I appreciate ESL Printables more. Now I īm really sad and disappointed about it and even thinking about leaving the site. I think it was really unfair and I had all my points for the removed printables deducted. I know the moderators have to check it, but the printable was created by me. Well, sorry for bothering you guys with this, but I īm really upset about it.

23 Jun 2009      


Hi Regina

Was it reported as stolen of the other site?

23 Jun 2009     


I totally understand your sadness.  At the same time I wonder how we can fix this problem.  I can see why moderators would delete your stuff.  There is no way for them to know you were the original creator on the other site too.  I suggest you make a post about this topic.  There is no reason why you can īt be a part of more than one site.  There must be a way we can fix this problem.  This site is always changing and people want to work together to imrove it.  Don īt leave the site, but help in the improvement of it.


23 Jun 2009     

Czech Republic

Dear regina.di,
please tell us how many points did you lose and we will try to get your points back asap.
How many points did you lose? 30? 50?
Please upload your printable again and write in the description it had been published on web before... We will try to download it as many times as possible...
Please, be careful to write the sources of your texts / pictures / exercises if they are copied and always include some original exercises written by yourself...
To prevent your printable reported, you can ADAPT - UPDATE THE DESCRIPTION of your printable after the first "free day" and INCLUDE the name of the website where your work is.
So all people can know it īs your blog or contributing site... and you won īt be reported any more...
Hope it helps. The rules are quite strict now. They had been less strict before, BUT too many contributors were cheating, so Victor had to "step on the break" :-(
Hope you understand. Victor and moderators are trying to make this site BETTER. So the high standards have to be met... I wish you good luck and please keep on contributing. Thanks a lot!

23 Jun 2009     

Anna P

I understand your frustration but I agree with the comments above. How could the moderators know that your ws had been created by you if it was also available on the web?  I suggest that you upload it again, informing that the contribution has also been sent to another site.  I bet that soon you will recover all your lost points. Just don īt give up! It will be your loss - as well as ours.

23 Jun 2009     


It īs impossible for a moderator to know whether it was stolen or whether you were the author. A comment in the description would take care of that problem.
There is an incredible amount of really insolent stealing (even within ESL printables) going on here, dozens of printables every day, - so if you help moderators by giving the source and claiming your authorship you īll be on the safe side!
I know it hurts to have ws removed, I went through it myself the other day ...

23 Jun 2009     


Upload it again and explain the matter in your description. I īll download it for sure. I don īt know how this problem could be solved, maybe we should sign the ws with our user name if we submit them to another site. Don īt feel annoyed, upload it again and forget the matter, nobody wants to do you wrong, do not feel discouraged.

23 Jun 2009     

regina. di

Hello guys,
Thanks for you comments. They made me feel much better now. I got really sad because I had 50 points deducted from my account and as the points were below the downloads I couldn īt download anything. I īm going to upload them again and explain that they were also published on the other site. Also, on the other site there is my name on the printable. I know that the moderators need to be really careful about this matter.
Thanks for you all!!

23 Jun 2009     

United States

In reality, they were looking out for your welfare!  They thought they were stolen, they just didn īt know it was from you!!!
Good idea to mention this in your description.

23 Jun 2009     

manonski (f)

When we upload, there is a box where we can explain the rules, or ideas on how to use the material. Explain that your work is also available at another web site.  There is no way for moderators to know that unless you tell us.
Good luck!

23 Jun 2009