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ESL forum > Ask for help > colours & numbers song for young learners    

colours & numbers song for young learners


colours & numbers song for young learners

HELLO!! I īm looking for a song for young learners (8 years old) about colours (basic colours) and numbers (1-10). The problem is that I can find lots of them separately, colours songs and number songs, but I really need one including both together: colours and numbers. I need the song itself, not only the lyrics.

I hope anyone can help me Smile 

24 Jun 2009      


"Ten Little Indians" can be adapted to "One red, two red, three red pencils, etc."

24 Jun 2009     


Have a look at...
Hugs, Victoria

24 Jun 2009     


Colors song by Hap Palmer.
There īs another one I eally like the most but i do not remember the author.
This is a song about colors
colors are special for me me me
If you mix them up
you will see another color magically
red and yellow make orange
yellow and blue make green
blue and red make purple
purple is the color for me
I like the rythm. Try to find it

24 Jun 2009     

Anna P

I also like Hap Palmer. I saw him several times in conferences and use his songs a lot.
"This is the Song about colors, colors..." 
Ladybug, thanks for the links.

24 Jun 2009     


Hi Anna, I have never heard of Hap Palmer. That song was great!!Thumbs Up
Where can I find some of his CD īs?
Can I get them over the net to play to the kids?
Thanks Victoria for those great sites too!!Smile
Keep sharing,

24 Jun 2009